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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage: 2011 May – August

Security standards back healthcare mobility (PDF, 238 KB)
EE Times, India
30 August 2011

Dr. Yadin David, IEEE Senior member and telemedicine expert explains in EE Times India that as mobility tools change the way we live, so do they impact how healthcare delivers its services.

IEEE 4G network will be available in Brazil only in 2013 (PDF, 212 KB)
Info Exame, Brazil
30 August 2011

Carlos Cordeiro, IEEE Senior member and 4G wireless expert discusses 4G infrastructure in Brazil as the country prepares for the World Cup and Olympics.

Fukushima nuclear power plant: Was Japan-made robot, Quince useful? Deployment to the actual site is necessary (PDF, 171 KB), Japan
18 August 2011

Satoshi Tadokoro, IEEE Fellow and vice president-elect of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, discusses the role of Quince, an emergency disaster response robot that was mobilized for measurement of radiation levels at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant following the disaster.

Nanotechnology Goes Macro
AOL Energy, US
16 August 2011

Dr. Alexander Balandin, IEEE Senior member discusses his groundbreaking nanotechnology research with AOL Energy, and the implications of nanotechnology applications that could change our world.

IEEE Seminar: Japanese robots can’t succeed inside Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant (Japanese Version)
Response, Japan
6 August 2011

Kazuhiro Kosuge, IEEE Fellow and President of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and Satoshi Tadokoro, IEEE Fellow and vice president-elect of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, discusses the role of robotics in the search and rescue mission following the Japanese nuclear disaster at Fukushima. 

IEEE Seeks Common Standards to Connect Doctors with Telemedicine
eWeek, US
1 August 2011

Dr. Yadin David, IEEE Senior member and founder of the Center for Telehealth and e-Health Law in Washington D.C., discusses telemedicine’s growth and the impact it can have in rural areas.

Space Shuttle: A Bitter Story (Chinese Version)
CAIJING Magazine, China
31 July 2011

Professor Wu Ji, IEEE Senior member, discusses four aspects of outer space technology, namely the past significance of space exploration, safety and cost concerns, and introduction of the market mechanisms in spaceflight technology, leading to improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

It’s a long way for the dialogue between the solutions (Portuguese Version) (PDF, 75 KB)
Valor Economico Newspaper, Brazil
28 July 2011

IEEE CIO and cloud expert Alexander Pasik talks about cloud computing interoperability. According to Pasik, the interoperability issue is addressed differently depending on if you’re talking about the provision of infrastructure, platform or software as a service. Nevertheless, while even simple solutions like email represent big savings over on-premise, lots needs to be done to improve interoperability.  

Is IaaS Really a Good Deal?
CIO Update, US
27 July 2011

IEEE CIO Alexander Pasik discusses pros and cons of transitioning physical IT infrastructure to the cloud.

‘3D Robot’ helps surgery by controlling doctor’s hand shaking (Korean Version)
Dong-a Ilbo (Top general daily in Korea with a daily circulation of 2.1 million), South Korea
27 July 2011

IEEE member, Dr. Byung Ju Yi, discusses his development of the world’s first robot to use 3D image scanning technology, reducing potential injury during ear surgery. 

Telepresence - Telemedicine To Extend To All Parts of Globe if Doctors, Technologists Work Together, US
26 July 2011

Yongmin Kim, IEEE Fellow and professor of bioengineering and electrical engineering at the University of Washington, says that telemedicine technology is ready, but we now need to make it easier for the healthcare providers to embrace and apply these technologies in diverse medical environments.

Phone-hacking is all too easy, News Corp scandal shows
Star-Ledger and, US
26 July 2011

Jon Peha, IEEE Senior member, former assistant director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and former chief technologist for the Federal Communications Commission, discusses the ease of phone hacking following the News Corp scandal.

Q&A: What if cloud providers offered insurance for downtime or security breaches?
Fierce CIO, US
17 July 2011

Dr. Alexander Pasik, CIO for the IEEE, in an interview with FierceCIO, explained why he thinks insurance might be the missing piece of the cloud computing puzzle.

Interoperability, data portability trouble cloud customers as much as security
InfoSecurity, US
6 July 2011

Interoperability and data portability are as important as security to long-term adoption of cloud computing services, according to experts with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Should Your Enterprise Buy Cloud Insurance?
InformationWeek, US
29 June 2011

IEEE CIO Alexander Pasik suggests that cloud providers could offer FDIC-style insurance as a way to allay security concerns.

IEEE Promotes Women Engineers and Scientists, Encouraging More Women to Contribute to the Global Science Development (Chinese Version), China
23 June 2011

IEEE Women in Engineering is ensuring the improvement of students’ skill and encouraging them to take up core engineering jobs.

Regulators Will Control Nanotechnology Future
IndustryWeek, US
22 June 2011

Ning Xi, President of the Nanotechnology Council for IEEE and a Professor at Michigan State University, says nanotechnology is at something of a midpoint in its development. The scientific community needs to focus on how to manufacture nanoparticles more effectively and efficiently.

Recipe for innovation: Funding, freedom, focus, US
22 June 2011

IEEE Fellow, Federico Capasso, discusses the three ingredients needed to encourage innovation and creative thought  – funding, freedom and focus.

Are Medical Devices Mobility and Security Antagonists? (Chinese Version), China
15 June 2011

IEEE Senior member Dr. Yadin David says that mobility tools in healthcare can provide great benefits in improving healthcare delivery, but must be managed appropriately to ensure data is kept safe and secure.

Solar May Beat Fossil Fuels as Cheapest Energy source, IEEE Says, US
15 June 2011

Jim Prendergast, IEEE Senior member and IEEE Executive Director, discusses how solar energy, already similar in cost to fossil fuels, is on track to become the most economical energy source.

IEEE explains the future of robotic applications - part two, US
13 June 2011

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member and an expert in robotics at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), believes that uses for robots have much more to offer us in the future. He spoke to TechEye about some of the ways in which robotics are set to revolutionise human life in the coming years.

IEEE explains the future of robotic applications, US
10 June 2011

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member and an expert in robotics at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), believes that uses for robots have much more to offer us in the future

Saving Engineering Education: An Interview with IEEE President Moshe Kam, Part 2, US
7 June 2011

Part two of a Q&A article in Campus about engineering education featuring IEEE President Moshe Kam.

Juggling Roles (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Education Times, India 
6 June 2011

Ramalatha Marimuthu, IEEE member, Chair, IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (2011), and Chair, Madras IEEE Women in Engineering says the field of engineering has greatly benefited from an increased participation in engineering education programs. Unfortunately, the absence of a strong focus on engineering curriculum at most universities, coupled with a weak support system for working mothers are two challenges that still need to be addressed.

Migration to IPv6 slogs on (PDF, 647 KB)
eBook Magazine, US
1 June 2011

Daniel Massey, Senior member of the IEEE and an associate professor at Colorado State University and David Alan Grier, vice president of publications for the Computer Society and an associate professor at George Washington University in Washington D.C., describe IPv6, an updated infrastructure for the internet, and its implementation challenges. 

The Dangers of Energy Generation
Renewable Energy World, US
25 May 2011

IEEE Fellow Saifur Rahman is quoted in this article discussing the strengths and vulnerabilities of renewable technologies in disaster situations; namely the sustainability of wind turbines and wind power in the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Saving Engineering Education: An Interview with IEEE President Moshe Kam, Part 1, US
24 May 2011

IEEE President Moshe Kam speaks with Campus about the current state of engineering education both in the US and abroad.

Healthcare Puts Tablets To The Test
InformationWeek Healthcare, US
21 May 2011

Yadin David, an IEEE Senior member and founder of Biomedical Engineering Consultants comments on how doctors and nurses are looking for one smart device to replace several gadgets when it comes to mobile electronics.

Education Is The Key To Innovation: A Q&A With Qualcomm’s Irwin Jacobs

Forbes, US
17 May 2011

Irwin Jacobs, an IEEE Fellow and co-founder of Qualcomm, discusses why education is critical to innovation, with IEEE CIO, Dr. Alexander Pasik. 

Continuous Learning: Sudhit Dixit, Director, HP Labs India, on the Emerging Trends in Engineering Education
, (PDF, 697 KB) 
Education Times, India
9 May 2011

IEEE member Dixit says engineering education is improving in India, employing technology more, and going beyond theory to business practicality. However, there is a need for more standardization, which will require greater government-industry collaboration.


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