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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage: 2011 September - December

2012 and the Technology Blahs, US
27 December 2011

Nahum Gershon, IEEE Fellow and Jeffrey Voas, IEEE Fellow, discuss 2012 tech trends beyond the latest gadget innovations.

Nano technology, nine times cheaper!, India
20 December 2011

Dr. Ramgopal Rao, IEEE Member of IIT Bombay unveiled products developed by Nano Sniff Technologies Private Limited, an entrepreneurial venture at the institute in Indicon 2011.
Dr Takako Hashimoto, IEEE WIE coordinator in the Asia Pacific region speaks to Japanese junior and senior students in an effort to encourage women (Japanese Version) (PDF 570 KB)
Kyoiku Shimbun, Japan
19 December 2011

Tatako Hashimoto, IEEE Senior Member, discusses raising the ranks of women engineers in an effort to encourage women to improve their status.  In Japan, the percentage of women in engineering is the lowest among the 36 compared countries. 

“Inter Cloud will be in practical use” says Goto, vice chair of GICTF (Japanese Version)

Computerworld, Japan
19 December 2011

Atsuhiro Goto, IEEE Member and a Computer Society Board of Governor, discusses the future of intercloud computing with Computerworld Japan.

Mobile Predictions for 2012: Security, Payments, Windows Phone and More, US
13 December 2011

Jeffrey Voas (IEEE Fellow) and Kevin Curran (IEEE Senior Member), offer insightful predictions on mobile security and smartphone hacking trends in 2012 for CIO’s Senior Editor Al Sacco.

Getting the Right Money -- and People, Behind Your Entrepreneurial Dream
Forbes.Com, US
12 December 2011

John Cioffi, IEEE Fellow and Chairman and CEO of ASSIA shares advice for engineers interested in entrepreneurship and the importance of having a good idea, having adequate money, and the right group of individuals to achieve success.

Raising Global Ranks of Women Engineers (PDF, 124 KB)
Minority Engineer, India
11 December 2011

IEEE’s Women in Engineering Society is raising the global ranks of women engineers through IEEE member established programs that support women in engineering and encourage female students to pursue an engineering career.

Music Gaming Won’t Die (Chinese Version) (PDF, 1.03 MB)
EEPW, China
11 December 2011

David Kushner writes that while smash hits like Guitar Hero and Rock Band brought music-oriented games into the center stage of popular culture, the genre is quickly evolving with new technologies that do away with plastic instruments entirely.

Paying the price for those free apps (PDF, 18.9 KB)
Bank Info Security, UK
29 November 2011

Jeffrey Voas, IEEE Fellow and a computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards, Kevin Curran, IEEE Senior Member and head of the School of Computing and Intelligence Systems at the University of Ulster in Londonderry and Madjid Merabti, IEEE Senior Member and professor of networked systems at Britain's Liverpool John Moores University share their insights in the Government Information Security Blogs regarding the prediction that 2012 will be a disruptive year of widespread mobile hacking.

Transposing Multidisciplinary Frontiers in Order to Deal with Fake Images and Videos in the 21st Century (Portuguese Version)
IT Web /Blog IEEE Talking about Technology, Brazil
28 November 2011

Anderson Rocha, IEEE Member, writes about the advancements made in digital forensics in the 21st century.

Green Innovation and Low Carbon Development Drives the Global Economic Development in the Next Five Years (Chinese Version), China
28 November 2011

Mei Shengwei, IEEE Senior Member, shares his insights in an interview about the hot issues of green innovation and low carbon development in China.

How Can We Encourage the Engineers of Tomorrow?

Forbes, US
14 November 2011

Vint Cerf, IEEE Fellow and Internet Evangelist, Google, discusses what we can do to encourage students to be excited about science and engineering through interactive programs such as IEEE’s

Cloud Computing's Pros and Cons: IEEE CIO Weighs In
CIO Insight, US
11 November 2011

Alexander Pasik, IEEE CIO, discusses the pros and cons of the three core cloud computing service models, the varied economics of scale, systems-integration challenges, security questions, and its future.Alexander Pasik, IEEE CIO, discusses the pros and cons of the three core cloud computing service models, the varied economics of scale, systems-integration challenges, security questions, and its future.

How To Enter Solar Grid Business (PDF 442 KB)
Electronics Bazaar, India
11 November 2011

Daman Sood, IEEE Senior Member and executive committee member of IEEE Delhi section, talks about the future of Solar Grid business and how entrepreneurial companies can take advantage.

Challenging to Increase the Number of Women in Engineering (Japanese Version) (PDF, 271 KB)
Kyoiku Katei Shimbun (Education and Household Newspaper), Japan
7 November 2011

Professor Takako Hashimoto, IEEE Senior Member, discusses the difficulty Japanese women encounter when it comes to taking childcare leave and the need for role models to increase the number of women choosing a career in engineering.

Q&A With IEEE's Dr. W. Charlton (Chuck) Adams, Jr.
FierceSmartGrid, US
2 November 2011

Chuck Adams, IEEE Senior Member, speaks with FierceSmartGrid on his vision of new business models that will emerge with Smart Grid. He compares the industry's transformation to changes already experienced in the computing and telecommunications sectors and calls for a concerted effort to engage consumers in Smart Grid.

Inspired by nature’s feared plant, local engineer invents “flycatcher” robot (Korean Version)
Chosun Ilbo, South Korea 
1 November 2011

Professor Cho Kyu-Jin, IEEE Member and professor at Seoul National University’s School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, introduced a carbon-fiber flycatcher robot at an IEEE conference in May. This technology can be applied to powering delicate micro robots and generating artificial muscles for patients with facial paralysis. 

What’s keeping CIOs awake at night?

Fierce CIO, US
26 October 2011

Alexander Pasik, IEEE CIO shares his approach to managing the “unknown” of IT issues while leading with a forward-looking vision and plan with Fierce CIO editor, Caron Carlson. 

How image processing will change your world in future
The Economic Times, India
18 October 2011

IEEE Fellow Dr. Richard Baraniuk explains the positive impact of image processing technologies and research with The Economic Times.

Driverless cars on our roads by 2020

TechEye, UK
17 October 2011

IEEE intelligent transportation experts Dr. Azim Eskandarian and Professor Alberto Broggi provide their perspectives on the potential for driverless cars by the end of the decade. 

Nanoscience: how it could change technology (Portuguese Version)
IT Web, Brazil
9 October 2011

Joao Antonio Zuffo, IEEE Senior Member discusses the most recent developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology with an emphasis on the top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top approaches and how they are converging.

Does Europe have a poor record of employing women in engineering jobs?
Women in Technology, UK 
7 October 2011

Teresa Schofield, IEEE UK and Republic of Ireland chair of the Women in Engineering (WIE) group, discusses the need for governments to do more to encourage further opportunities for women in engineering. 

Multi-payment platforms and security: A developing relationship (PDF, 35 KB)
Electronic Payments International, UK
4 October 2011

Steve Furnell, IEEE Senior Member, discusses the developing relationship between multi-payment platforms and security and believes the way forward, given the near certain ubiquity of mobiles in the future, might be to use these devices as a receptor of authentication information.

Interview: Mr. Gordon W. Day, IEEE 2012 President & CEO (Japanese Version) (PDF, 908 KB)
Nikkei Electronics, Japan
3 October 2011

Gordon Day, IEEE 2012 President-Elect, discusses the general activities of IEEE with Nikkei Electronics, as well as its focus for the future and the concern with students moving away from science and technology. 

Infrastructure in the Cloud: How IaaS Can Revamp Your IT Environment (PDF 3.63 MB)
PC Today, US
1 October 2011

Alexander Pasik, CIO of IEEE, discusses how cloud-based infrastructure can revamp your IT environment; however it may not be a fit for every company.

V3 Cloud Summit: Start-ups and small businesses to drive cloud take-up
V3, UK
27 September 2011

Steve O'Donnell, IEEE Member and UK cloud computing expert, outlines the different approaches to cloud technology by small businesses and larger enterprises explaining that start-ups will drive the take-up of cloud computing.

IEEE campaign aims to drive uptake of female engineers
Eureka Magazine, UK
23 September 2011

Teresa Schofield, IEEE Member and UK Women in Engineering (WIE) Chair, highlights the need to encourage more women to pursue engineering careers. Schoefield says encouragement, pay levels and work culture must improve. 

How to increase the global ranks of women engineers
Engineer Live, US
23 September 2011

Dr Takako Hashimoto, IEEE WIE coordinator in the Asia Pacific region and associate professor of computer science at Chiba University of Commerce in Japan, discusses the existing gender gap in engineering.

Could A Self-Healing Smart Grid Have Prevented The SDG&E Blackout?
15 September 2011

Massoud Amin, IEEE Senior Member, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Minnesota, and chairman of the IEEE Smart Grid discusses a "self-healing grid" to prevent debilitating power disruptions. 

Innovation Across the Value Chain Will Help Medical Technology Players Create New Markets
Express Healthcare, India
15 September 2011

Dinesh Bindiganavale, IEEE Member and healthcare consultant, gives an overview of the latest trends in medical technology in India.

IEEE Bionic Limb experts discuss bionic limbs that can move naturally will come out in 15 years (Japanese Version)
Robonable, Japan
14 September 2011

IEEE life sciences experts Dr. Hugh Herr and Dr. Todd Kuiken discuss EMBC 2011 and advances in wearable technology.

We Are Not In Kansas Anymore
AOL Energy, US
14 September 2011

Massoud Amin, IEEE Senior Member discusses creating a smarter and more secure critical infrastructure through a more secure, resilient and smarter grid.

Nanotechnology is increasingly in daily life (Portuguese Version)
IG Tecnologia, Brazil
9 September 2011

IEEE member and Nanotechnology expert Antonio Zuffo explains the usage of nanotechnology in everyday life.

Advanced technology rakes in dollars during recession
TechEye, UK
7 September 2011

"We are still living difficult times, an economic storm," IEEE Member Antonio Espingardeiro says. "However, history tells us that after a great depression there's a new set of opportunities. It seems to me that this a crucial time for research. A time where technology seems boosting our lives in ways that we never thought seems a promising investment. Talking in a short term the next five to ten years will serve as a laboratory for testing new devices, software, ideas that will have direct applicability in a not too distant future."

What the WHO's Cellphone Cancer Statement Really Means (Chinese Version)
Electronic Engineering & Product World (EEPW), China
7 September 2011

Mr. Kenneth Foster, IEEE Member, expresses his viewpoints on the International Agency for Research on Cancer's (IARC) decision to classify radio-frequency electromagnetic fields from cellphone use as "possibly carcinogenic."

Leveraging the Recent China Internet Forum to Analyze the Chinese Web over the Last 6 Months - The Growing Gap among Chinese Web Companies (Chinese Version) (PDF, 1.21 MB)
Communications Weekly, China
5 September 2011

Dejan Milojicic, IEEE Fellow shared his opinion with Communications Weekly stating that mobile services will become the dominant force on the web. 

No Energy Crisis in China if Renewable Energy to Be Used Sufficiently (Chinese Version) (PDF, 1.69)
Electric Power, China
September 2011

Lu Qiang, IEEE Fellow, academician of CAS, discusses the future of energy consumption and the importance for highly populated countries like China to utilize multiple energy sources to avoid any potential energy crisis.
Multimedia Cloud Computing (Chinese Version) (PDF, 1.45 MB)
Electronic Engineering & Product World (EEPW), China
September 2011

Mr. Zhu Wenwu, IEEE Fellow, shares his viewpoints on the technology development, and future trends and applications of multimedia cloud computing.