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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage: 2012 January-April

IEEE Fellow: Don't expect NFC payments to have a major mobile impact
Network World, US
27 April 2012

Jack Winters, IEEE Fellow and founder of Jack Winters Communications LLC, said during an interview with Network World that he didn't see any reason to shift away from credit cards to mobile phone payments and said that NFC-based payments weren't likely to have a major impact until the technology could reach a critical mass where it was available everywhere.

Ships: The role of human errors in the technological landscape (Portuguese Version)
Website of the São Paulo State Engineers Union, Brazil
26 April 2012

Feature length interview with Joseph Valdus, IEEE Life Fellow and Bill Hayes, Vice President of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society. Joseph discusses the causes that led to the ship’s sinking, and the role human error still plays in today’s technological landscape. In addition, Bill shares how wireless saves lives and his perspectives regarding the wreckages of the Costa Concordia, in Italy, and the Bateau Mouche, in Brazil. 

Why Robot Swarms Look Set To Roam The Earth
TechWeekEurope, UK
19 April 2012

IEEE Member Antonio Espingardeiro explains his fascination with robots and provides a snapshot of what swarm robots are, recent developments and advancements in the field,  how the concept of swarm robots emerged, and what role they can play in the future.

Virtualisation - Don't let security lag behind technology maturity

ComputerWorldUK, UK
19 April 2012

Kevin Curran, Senior IEEE member, comments on how best to protect virtualised infrastructures.

Carriers cap LTE services to avoid fixed-line cannibalization, says IEEE's Saracco
Network World, US
17 April 2012

Roberto Saracco, IEEE Senior member, and the director of the Telecom Italia Future Centre, said during an interview with Network World that the major reason carriers are placing data caps on their LTE services is to prevent users from going exclusively with wireless data services and ditching their landline connections. 

Titanic: One Century of Technological Legacy and Innovation (Portuguese Version)
Website of the São Paulo State Engineers Union, Brazil
16 April 2012

Feature length article includes Gordon Day, IEEE President and CEO, and Bill Hayes, Director of Engineering and Technology at Iowa Public Television and Vice President of the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society. In the article, Gordon discusses the rich history shared between Titanic and IEEE, and Bill Hayes shares his expertise regarding the current technological context of the navigation area and the role played by human error in disasters.

Viewpoint: Why wireless can create traffic-free roads
12 April 2012

William Webb, IEEE Fellow and chief technology officer of Neul, outlines a future vision of traffic-free roads in smart cities and shares his perspective on the many technologies that will create congestion-free roads.

IEEE Identifies Continued Obstacles Toward the Global Adoption (Japanese Version)
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Japan
6 April 2012

Tomonori Aoyama, IEEE Life Fellow, discusses cloud computing and comments some people think that if major companies adopts cloud systems, then 2012 might become a turning point.

Hybrid cloud adoption issues are a case in point for the need for industry regulation of cloud computing
Business Computing World, UK
3 April 2012

Vladimir Getov, IEEE Senior member and Professor of Distributed and High Performance Computing at the University of Westminster, London, outlines the challenges around hybrid cloud security and calls for industry regulation.

Earth Hour and the Global Energy Dilemma
Go Green Radio, US
30 March 2012

Go Green Radio features IEEE Fellow John McDonald, who discusses the impact of Earth Hour, the latest technological breakthroughs shaping our energy future, and what each of us can do to positively impact the way energy is distributed around the world.

Future, Flexible Hybrid Optical/Wireless Networks

Converge! Network Digest, US
20 March 2012

Dr. Leonid Kazovsky, IEEE Fellow, speaks one-on-one with Converge! Network Digest Editor, Jim Carroll, about the future of flexible optical/wireless networks. 

There’s Never A Bad Time To Be An Entrepreneur
Forbes, US
18 March 2012

John Cioffi, IEEE Fellow and CEO of Assia Inc., says there is never a bad time to be an entrepreneur. He shares his story of entrepreneurial success and gives advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur on Forbes.

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No cloud? You are making a mistake: IEEE
CIOL, India
16 March 2012

Some believe that 2012 could be a tipping point year for cloud adoption, particularly if large enterprises can serve as trailblazers in cloud adoption. According to IEEE CIO and Senior member Alexander Pasik, once larger enterprises witness the success of their competitors and contemporaries, more companies will transition to the cloud.

Don't Blame Wall Street For Our Woes; Blame The School System
Forbes, US
13 March 2012

Norman Augustine, IEEE Life Fellow and retired chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin, discusses the state of the U.S. education system, how it relates to unemployment, and what can be done to improve it.

Cloud changed the rules of the game (Portuguese Version)
Convergência Digital, Brazil
11 March 2012

The potential benefits of cloud-based systems are widely discussed and difficult to ignore: significant cost reduction in operations and maintenance of infrastructure, high scalability and accessibility, less concerns about overloading servers and lack of storage space, and rapid deployment.

Women in engineering push to bolster their ranks
Winston-Salem Journal, US
11 March 2012

Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow and professor of electrical and computer engineering at Tufts University, discusses the challenges women face in engineering and what is being done to encourage women to pursue careers in the field.

Report: Day After Thailand Flood Water Level Normal, Hard Drive Prices up (German Version)
FOCUS Online News, Germany
9 March 2012

Tom Coughlin, IEEE VP, discusses that water masses are long since drained away, but the computer industry is feeling the effects of flooding in Thailand still. The hard drive manufacturers that produce much of their equipment in an emerging country, still need months to their factories back on its feet. "My prediction: Prices will be off until next year to be higher than before the flood."

The IEEE Talks Fiber
Communications Technology, US
8 March 2012

Communications Technology features commentary from IEEE members Dr. Leonid Kazovsky, Ori Gerstel, and Jun Shan Wey, on trends related to optical fiber at OFC.

Major Obstacles Toward the Global Adoption of Cloud Computing Identified by IEEE
InfoTech Spotlight powered by TMCnet, US
24 February 2012

Dr. Siani Pearson, an IEEE Senior member and Senior Researcher at the Cloud and SecurityLab at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, discusses the many business concerns about cloud security, performance unpredictability, and possible benefits.

Is the future of cloud-based systems cloudy or bright?, US
24 February 2012

Alexander Pasik, IEEE CIO, discusses cloud computing and its potential, convenience, and burden in the coming years.

How Technology Helping the Elderly is Turning into a Big Business Opportunity
Economic Times, US
21 February 2012

Majd Alwan, IEEE Senior member, shares his insight into how technology innovations are benefiting the elderly and addressing the increasingly growing aging society.

A Mobile Solar Generator for Energy-Impoverished Rural Areas
Aol Energy, US
26 January 2012

IEEE was recognized in AOL Energy for its participation in a program called the Millennium Development Goals. IEEE established a pilot program which indentified Reliable Electricity as one of the key enablers of economic growth in areas of the world where incomes are less than US$2 a day.

The Role of Technology in Taking a Stand
Forbes.Com, US
18 January 2012

Vint Cerf, IEEE Fellow, encourages society to adopt changes and advancements in technology to enhance experiences in life and overcome challenges.

Cloud Computing's Pros and Cons: IEEE CIO Weighs In (Portuguese Version)

InformationWeek Brazil, Brazil
17 January 2012

Alexander Pasik, IEEE CIO, discusses cloud computing service models and the economics of integrating cloud computing.

The Metadata Generation
IEEE Spectrum, US
10 January 2012

Stuart Lipoff, IEEE Senior member, discusses how enabling devices to automatically aggregrate and generate data such as location and timestamp can significantly improve how consumers manage and protect their personal  content.
The Golden Age of Consumer Electronics
IEEE Spectrum, US
10 January 2012

A blog by Nahum Gershon, IEEE Senior member, was featured in IEEE's Spectrum as part of their coverage of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.  It discusses the paradigm shift in the roles of the military, consumers, and businesses with regard to technology innovation.

CES 2012: Technology trends to watch out for
PluggedIn, UK
6 January 2012

IEEE highlights five technology trends to look out for in 2012, including: video on demand, online growth of home networking technology, fully connected services, smartphone hacking, and long term storage advances. 

Internet Access Is Not a Human Right

The New York Times, US
4 January 2012

Vint Cerf, IEEE Fellow, shares his view on Internet access and whether it should be considered a civil or even a human right.

IEEE Experts Predict Smartphone Hacking Will Soar in 2012 (Portuguese Version)
Techlider, Brazil
3 January 2012

Dr. Madjid Merabti, IEEE Senior member, discusses how free rogue applications for smartphones pose a security threat to the public, but they do not see their smartphones as having the same security threats as their PCs and laptops.

Technology Fumbles Could Leave Investors Wary
Investor Uprising, US
January 2012

Thomas Coughlin, IEEE Senior member, shares his insight on some of the pitfalls and challenges recently experienced by consumer technology device manufacturers from an investment standpoint.