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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage 2012: September - December

Think Steve Jobs: 10 Emerging Tech Women in The Middle East You Should Know About
International Business Times, US
8 December 2012

Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow, discusses why women in the Middle East and Africa who enter into STEM fields are considered assets to their families.

Mainstream Monitoring

MICROmanufacturing Magazine, US
November/December 2012

Stu Lipoff, IEEE Senior member, discusses how smart phones are playing a role in helping consumers track their own fitness and healthcare.

University signs deal with US group to hold WCET certificate exams
Focus Taiwan News Channel, Taiwan
29 November 2012

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) on Thursday signed a partnership deal with the U.S.-based IEEE Communications Society to run the society's wireless communication engineering technologies (WCET) certificate examinations and training.

Analysis: Women to head 3 top defense firms, but barriers remain
Reuters, US
21 November 2012

Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow, discusses the importance of recruiting more women into the technical side of the defense industry and the importance that mentoring plays for female engineers.

Stalking on Facebook is easier than users think (Portuguese Version)
IT Web, Brazil
19 November 2012

Steven Cherry, Senior Associate Editor from IEEE Spectrum Magazine, says that stalking on Facebook is easier than users think. In some cases, if you aren’t a user of the social network, the Web site can create a profile for you with information that already exist on profiles of other users, like your friends.

Preparing the power grid for the next Sandy
CNN Money, US
7 November 2012

Massoud Amin, IEEE Senior member, discusses Hurricane Sandy and the effect it had on the power grid. According to research conducted by Amin, power outages cost the nation between US$80 billion and $180 billion each year. 

Know the types of robots that can save your life (Portuguese Version)
Olhar D
Digital, Brazil
31 October 2012

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member and independent robotics expert, says the noninvasive form of health monitoring and maintenance has promise for increasing life expectancy by 2030. He also highlights how robots will soon have the ability to detect diseases, unclog arteries, or even provide injections of medications such as insulin.

Superstorm Shines A Light On Power Grid Vulnerabilities, US
30 October 2012

Massoud Amin, IEEE Senior member and power grid specialist, says it could take up to two weeks before power is fully restored.

Wigig Technology will retire pen drive and exchanging files will reach 7 gbps (Portuguese Version)
IT Web, Brazil
26 Oct 2012

Carlos Cordeiro, IEEE Senior member and chief architect of standards at Intel Corporation, says that the WiGig is more similar to Wi-Fi than cellular networks. He also highlights that the first products to receive the technology directly from the factory will be computers. By 2013, the tool will be present in smartphones and tablets.

Jie Shu: Feed-In Tariff is the way to sustainable and commercialized development of solar energy
China New Energy Magazine, China
25 October 2012

Dr. Jie Shu, IEEE member and Director of the Solar Energy Application Laboratory, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), shares her perspectives on the status quo of solar energy study and application, the technical difficulties of solar energy, the pollution caused by solar energy production, and the way to improve the competitiveness of the industry in China.

California at technology forefront with passage of driverless cars bill (Podcast), US
18 October 2012

Jeffrey Miller, IEEE member, discusses the future of driverless cars and how society will have to learn how to adapt.

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating Technical Women Leaders With Women 2.0 (Infographic), US
16 October 2012

The goal of Ada Lovelace Day is to create new role models for girls and women in these male-dominated fields by raising the profile of other women in STEM.

An article about Ada Lovelace Day and the importance of creating role models for girls and women in male-dominated STEM fields featuring IEEE's Women in Engineering Hall of Fame infographic.

From Ada Lovelace to Marissa Mayer: The Rise of Women in Tech
Mashable, US
15 October 2012

Mashable takes a look at IEEE's Hall of Fame for women in technology, science, engineering and math and encourages readers to comment on how to encourage more women and girls to enter STEM careers.

The Not Too Distant Future of Electric Vehicles, US
8 October 2012

Russell Lefevre, IEEE Fellow and co-chair of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Steering Committee discusses the barriers holding electric vehicles back from mainstream consumption.

Rumors of New iPad Swirl as iPhone 5 Owners Add Their Gripes
Washington Post, US
1 October 2012

IEEE member Kyle Wiens discusses the interior structure of the iPhone 5 and the technological differences compared to older models.

The Future of Driving (Audio clip)
The Diane Rehm Show on WAMU 88.5 (NPR) &, US
27 September 2012

Azim Eskandarian, IEEE member and director, Center for Intelligent Systems Research, and professor of engineering and applied science, George Washington University, discusses driverless cars during an interview with Guest host, Tom Gjelten.

Governor Brown paves the road for hands-free driving in California (Audio clip)

26 September 2012

Jeffrey Miller, IEEE member and vice president, IEEE Intelligent Transportation Society, and associate professor of computer engineering, University of Alaska in Anchorage, discusses driverless cars after California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing the testing of driverless cars in California.

Wireless: The Missing Piece of the Intelligent Transport Puzzle
Forbes.Com, US
25 September 2012

William Webb, IEEE Fellow, discusses the role of wireless in the widespread adoption of intelligent transport.

Building a Computer to Model the Brain
Urban Times, US
20 September 2012

Steve Furber, IEEE Fellow, discusses SpiNNaker, the computer his team is building to model the human brain.

The iPhone 5’s Greatest Inside Story: Chipmaking Maturation For Apple
TechCrunch, US
18 September 2012

Kyle Wiens, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society member and iFixit co-founder, discusses the new features of the iPhone 5, the technical specifications of the new A6 processor, and the iPhone's wireless capabilities with TechCrunch.

How the Curiosity rover's robotic arm is blazing a trail on Mars ... and Earth
17 September 2012

Dr. Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, IEEE Senior member, discusses the robotic arm system on NASA's Curiosity rover and how it will set a new standard for robotic operations on Mars and revolutionize robotics on earth as well.

How Self-Driving Cars Will Change Transportation
MSN Autos, US
10 September 2012

Alberto Broggi, IEEE Senior member and professor of computer engineering at the University of Parma in Italy, spoke with MSN Autos and notes that building the infrastructure to accommodate any form of intelligent transportation is often the biggest barrier to widespread adoption. He contends that autonomous cars will need less infrastructure, not more, in some cases.

Swarm Robots: The droid workforce of the future
Humans Invent, US
10 September 2012

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, talks to Humans Invent about Swarm Robots. Swarm robotics is a very recent topic of research which involves creating artificially intelligent systems that can communicate and share information with each other.

Sunday Interview: WiGig reaches 7 Gbps (Portuguese Version)
Website of Info Exame Magazine, Brazil
9 September 2012

Carlos Cordeiro, IEEE Senior member and Chief Architect of Standards from Intel Corporation, says that WiGig is driving a global ecosystem of easy-to-use, interoperable, multi-gigabit wireless products.

Stealth cyborgism: pacemakers, cochlear implants and prosthetics
5 September 2012

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member, discusses the term "cyborg," used to describe human beings whose bodily functions are aided or controlled by some type of technology (pacemakers, cochlear implants and prosthetics).