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37 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Quotes from Industry Experts in 2023
Solutions Review
October 11

IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses how CISOs can better work with go-to-market teams for improved enterprise security.

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28 September 2023 Computerworld   Chip industry strains to meet AI-fueled demands — will smaller LLMs help?
IEEE member Jay Shah discusses the chip industry and AI/LLMs
27 September 2023 Martha Stewart Website   Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth the Investment? Agricultural Engineers Weigh In
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta shares her insight on the technologies behind robotic lawn mowers.
15 September 2023 TechTarget   Is the metaverse bad for the environment? Exploring a VR world
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses the metaverse and its impacts on the environment.
14 September 2023 TechTarget Cybersecurity 2023 Are NFTs bad for the environment? Carbon, energy and more
IEEE member Marc Lijour offers insights on NFTs and their impacts on the environment.
29 August 2023
The Orbital Mechanics Space Technology 2023
Episode 424: Downlink -- IEEE Senior Member David Witkowski (Video Clip: 23:25)
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski discusses a variety of topics pertaining to space-based networking and LEOS.
22 August 2023 TechRepublic Cybersecurity 2023 Generative AI: Cybersecurity Weapon, But Not Without Adaptable, Creative (Human) Thinkers
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses generative AI and the cyber job gap at Black Hat 2023.
10 August 2023 Source Security  Cybersecurity 2023 How can security systems be more proactive?
IEEE member Rebecca Herold discusses how cybersecurity pros can make security systems more proactive by performing ongoing risk management activities to prevent security incidents, including through applying security and privacy patches to operating systems and restricting networks and data by using charge-only USB ports and cables.
8 August 2023 Lifewire Cybersecurity 2023 How AI Could Help Protect Against the Spread of Misinformation
IEEE member Yale Fox discusses how providing proof of personhood using cryptography can assist in identifying and minimizing misinformation.
7 August 2023 Lifewire Cybersecurity 2023 Deepfake Audio Powered By AI Can Fool You—Here's Why You Should Care
IEEE Fellow Nasir Memon discusses deepfakes and their capacity to erode trust in society.
2 August 2023 Jornal Extra Cybersecurity 2023 Specialist teaches dealing with security threats on mobile devices (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Marcos Simplício discusses how to deal with security threats on mobile devices.  
27 July 2023   Cybersecurity 2023 How a New Tool By MIT Researchers Counters AI Image Manipulation Threats
IEEE Life Fellow Stu Lipoff discusses how watermarking can protect digital media. 
20 July 2023 The Wall Street Journal

  Why Not Have an EV Charging Service That Comes to You?
IEEE Fellow Francisco De Leon discusses electrified roads that allow vehicles to charge while in motion or stopped and the timeline for this technology.
19 July 2023  Parents Magazine

Cybersecurity 2023 How the Social Media Platform Discord is Helping Parents Keep Kids Safe
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses Discord’s new parental control (Family Center).
19 July 2023 Constellations

Space Technology 2023 Space-Based Networking Infrastructure, Broadband Communication Ecosystem and the Speed of Light Is Too Slow
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski discusses LEO satellites and their role in bridging the digital divide, as well as how future wireless communications technologies might evolve.
10 July 2023 SDxCentral Space Technology 2023 Hardware and chip makers scramble to meet AI demands
IEEE member Yale Fox discusses hardware needs as AI continues to increase in sophistication and proliferation.
5 July 2023 Tech Republic Cybersecurity 2023 Is Quantum Computing Right for Your Business?
IEEE member Mario Milicevic discusses the benefits and use cases of quantum computing for businesses.
18 June 2023 Space Technology 2023 Astronaut Sally Ride brought women and the LGBTQ+ community to the final frontier 40 years ago
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the 40-year anniversary of the first American woman in space, Sally Ride, and what her representation meant for those within the space and STEM communities.
16 June 2023 The Space Show Space Technology 2023 Broadcast 4041 David Witkowski
(Video Clip: 1:24:07)
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski discusses LEO satellites and space-based networking infrastructure.
15 June 2023 VentureBeat Cybersecurity 
Data de-identification: Best practices in the new age of regulation
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses common data collection and consumer protection methods.
5 June 2023 CBN Maringá Space Technology 2023 Solar panels installed in space could generate unlimited energy (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Euclides Chuma and IEEE Life Senior member Raul Colcher discuss how space exploration can reduce threats to the environment. 
1 June 2023 Source Security    Cybersecurity What’s New In Cybersecurity For Physical Security Systems?
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses new regulations and requirements for implementing physical and cybersecurity systems and how cybersecurity incidents can stem from physical intrusions.
19 May 2023 Security Magazine Cybersecurity  How organizations can navigate an evolving fraud landscape
IEEE member Rebecca Herold discusses different rapidly growing areas of fraud and how technology can be used to combat them.
17 May 2023 Olhar Digital Space Tech 2023 New space race should increase the number of satellites in space (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Antonio Pedro Timoszczuk discusses how space technologies are decisive for tackling global warming.
10 May 2023 Tecmundo Space Tech 2023 New Space: how the new space age impacts the job market (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Life Senior member Raul Colcher discusses how the new space age is going to impact different sectors such as telecom, transport, energy, and food.
10 May 2023 CSO Magazine Cybersecurity  Evil digital twins and other risks: the use of twins opens up a host of new security concerns
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses digital twin technology and emerging security risks.     
27 April 2023 IoT Agenda   Why IT admins should care about IoT in the enterprise
IEEE Senior member Nicholas Napp discusses how IoT will proliferate through the enterprise.
14 April 2023   Space Tech 2023 Nanosatellite the size of a 10 cm cube created by Brazilian researchers and students can help in monitoring the Pantanal (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Renato Borges discusses the first operation year of the Alpha Crux nanosatellite.
13 April 2023 Techlicious Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure How to Pick the Best Surge Protector
IEEE Life Fellow Stu Lipoff discusses surge protectors for consumer electronics.
4 March 2023 Solutions Review    Managing Risk and Compliance Through a Recession
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey of Hyperproof offers a deep dive into managing risk and compliance through an economic recession.
20 March 2023 The Science Teacher   Career of the Month: Systems Technology Engineer Rebecca Herold
IEEE member Rebecca Herold shares insights on her career in tech.
20 March 2023 Data Center Knowledge Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure How ChatGPT Can Help and Hinder Data Center Cybersecurity
IEEE member Yale Fox discusses the impacts of generative AI on data center security.
17 March 2023 AI Journal Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Mobile World Congress: the right place and time for technical innovation
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses some of the biggest takeaways from MWC 2023 including the metaverse, connected devices, artificial intelligence, and more.
15 March 2023 Electrical Contractor Magazine
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure The Slow Climb to 5G: Enterprise 5G could uplift the industry, but it still has a long way to go
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski discusses 5G at the enterprise level.
3 March 2023 Folha BV   Sensors will be the newest technological revolution, says IEEE expert (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Euclides Chuma discusses how sensors will be the next technological revolution.
20 February  2023


  3DPOD Episode 141: Low-Cost Large Format 3D Printing with Samantha Snabes, re:3D
IEEE member Samantha Snabes discusses a variety of topics pertaining to herself and her career, as well as 3D printing and its applications.
16 February 2023 Source Security Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure  What Is The Largest Risk To Critical Infrastructure In 2023?
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses how the lack of observable controls or the absence of controls in critical infrastructure poses a significant
risk for 2023 and how these risks can be addressed.
7 February 2023 Mobiidade Sampa Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure In public transport, accident prevention, and various other possibilities, how AI can enable smart cities (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Arturo Forner Cordero discusses how the Industrial Revolution brought a variety of technological development, but also some fear about substituting humans for machines. "The future of human-robot interaction isn't the future, but the present," he says.
1 February 2023 The Peggy Smedley Show IndustryInnovation, and Infrastructure The Rise of the Data Centers (Video clip: 00:24:47)
IEEE Life Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses a variety of topics pertaining to data storage and management.
 February 2023 VentureBeat Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Why confidential computing will be critical to (not so distant) future data security efforts
IEEE member Yale Fox discusses confidential computing and its impact on data security.
25 January 2023 TechRepublic Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
The risks of 5G security
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses security challenges, opportunities, and best practices in relation to 5G.
24 January 2023 The Financial Express Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Renewable Energy: Rooftop solar is growing, why not rooftop wind?
IEEE Senior member Inderpreet Kaur discusses the benefits of small wind turbines; they are reliable, low-maintenance alternative energy generators that can be constructed quickly in a small space. See how they can benefit India.
18 January 2023 Smart Cities Dive Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Las Vegas invests in connected vehicle technology
IEEE Life Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses smart city and connected vehicle technologies at CES 2023.
11 January 2023 Forbes Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure The Perfect Storm of the FAA Outage: Why Catastrophic Scenario Testing Beyond Manufacturing is Essential for Critical Infrastructure Security
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the FAA system (NOTAM) outage and the role of emerging technologies in enabling catastrophic scenario testing beyond manufacturing for securing critical infrastructure moving forward.
6 January 2023 Gazeta da Semana Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure For IEEE expert, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things can save lives in emergencies
(Portuguese Version)
A daily news portal from São Paulo published an article with IEEE Senior member Paulo Miyagi about technologies such as IoT and AI that are being used in the automation of building security systems, concert halls, and sports arenas to identify flames, for example, and trigger emergency procedures.
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