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Forecast 2021: Artificial Intelligence during COVID and beyond
18 December 2020

IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta and IEEE Senior member Ayanna Howard share their 2021 predictions focusing on AI.

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16 December 2020
ZdNet Health and Wellness AR Outlook: Why 2020 was prelude to hot 2021 AR sector
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski shares his predictions focusing on AR in 2021.
15 December 2020
Olhar Digital
Health and Wellness
2021 technology: AI and machine learning will be at the center of the world (Portuguese Version)
The article highlights the main technological trends for 2021 such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and machine learning.
13 December 2020 Health and Wellness
IEEE 2020 CIO-CTO Survey: AI, machine learning, 5G and IoT will be the most influential technology in 2021 (Chinese Version)
IEEE Fellow Yang Yang, IEEE Fellow Ming Liu, and IEEE Senior member Guangjie Han share their insights of 2021 technology trends.
2 December 2020
Help Net Security Health and Wellness IT leaders on 2021 opportunities, challenges and key technology trends
The article highlights the CIO/CTO survey results and the
important technologies to adopt in the upcoming year.  
30 November 2020 IoT Agenda Health and Welness
3 top anticipated IIoT trends for 2021
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses how with increased remote work, the use of IIoT technology in automation, wireless connectivity, and AI algorithms will continue to grow across industries in 2021.
14 November 2020 The Robot Report Health and Wellness Millennials ready for robots to aid family health and wellness, finds IEEE survey
IEEE member Carmen Fontana contributed supporting commentary focusing on the key trends highlighted in IEEE Generation AI 2020.
10 November 2020 FedTech Magazine Health and Wellness
A Data Center Refresh Boosts Capability for Virtualization
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses data center optimization and how to know when your center needs an upgrade.
5 November 2020 The Engineer Health and Wellness How AI and robotics are transforming healthcare
IEEE member Antonio Espingardeiro discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the broad implementation of AI and robotics, and why this is likely to continue into the future.
27 October 2020
The Engineer Health and Wellness IEEE Unveils ‘Generation AI 2020: Health, Wellness And Technology In A Post-COVID World’
 IEEE Generation AI 2020 covered key datapoints highlighted in granular detail.
14 October 2020 BW CIO   Why Blockchain technology will be a Game Changer for Digital Payments
IEEE Senior member Ramalatha Marimuthu shared her insights on how blockchain will be a game changer for digital payments.
14 October 2020 Design News   Fighting Fires and Floods with Robotics, AI, and IoT
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how emerging technologies, such as robotics, AI, and IoT, are being/can be leveraged to help combat wildfires and other natural disasters to keep first responders safe.
17 September 2020 StateTach Magazine Health and Wellness Airport Project Showcases New Use for Thermal Cameras
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the challenges of implementing fever detection technology at airports. 
15 September 2020 recode   We’re closer to holographic meetings than you think
IEEE Senior member Babak Beheshti discusses how 5G and edge computing will help to enable holographic meetings of the future while IEEE member Todd Richmond comments on the importance of technological solutions that are equitable and sustainable.
14 September 2020 Data Center Knowledge   Take Off Your Mask and Smile at the AI, Data Center Visitor
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses the technology needed to utilize facial authentication in a data center as well as the benefits of multi-factor authentication for data centers looking to invest in facial authentication technology.
11 September 2020 Data Center Knowledge Natural Capital
Volcano eruption tracker: How satellites have TRANSFORMED natural disaster response
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek discusses the application of the latest satellite technology, including remote sensing and satellite imagery, and how they are being used to address natural disasters. 
10 September 2020 IoT Agenda  

IoT robotics prevents hazards in manufacturing and healthcare
10 September 2020

IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how when combined, IoT and robotics can support industrial operations and healthcare.  

7 September 2020


Natural Capital Keeping track of microplastic
Following a recent study which revealed the extent of microplastic pollution in the River Thames, IEEE Fellow Rene Garello comments on the technological innovations that are being used to track microplastics in the seas and oceans, which might also be required to perform similar measurements in rivers and estuaries.  
27 August 2020
IoT Agenda   Promote business continuity with IoT supply chain management
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses how with analytical insights into supply chain management from IoT technology, organizations can better adapt to changing business conditions.
26 August 2020 SupplyChainBrain   Drones, Driverless Trucks and Robots: Dreams of a Final Mile
IEEE Fellow Panagiotis Tsiotras discusses current and future applications for drones and robotic systems enabling more efficient last-mile delivery.
13 August 2020 Computer Weekly Natural Capital Aerospace and satellite comms: The next growth frontier for cloud service providers?
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek comments on the future application of cloud technology within aerospace and satellite communications.     
10 August 2020 DataQuest (Cybermedia Group)   DataQuest Organizes Virtual Roundtable Focused on Deep Tech in India and the Road Ahead
IEEE member Jayakrishnan T shared insights on need and applications of Deep Tech, and challenges faced by large organizations and start-ups.  
10 August 2020 EdTech Magazine   Clean Sweep: How Sanitization Drones Can Improve Campus Safety
IEEE Senior member Ella Atkins discusses how drones can be utilized to sanitize classrooms and larger educational areas on college campuses.
5 August 2020
Forbes   Counterfeiting In Manufacturing: Is Your Trash Being Illegally Recycled?
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how counterfeiters get their hands on defective parts and packaging that is discarded in manufacturers’ trash or recycling bins and the ways in which consumers can protect themselves from this as well as how engineers can develop products to ensure product authenticity
3 August 2020 ZDNet   Data privacy and data security are not the same
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses the importance of trust when it comes to data privacy and how that is a key differentiator from data security.
23 July 2020 NBC News Online   Robots, QR codes and Bluetooth: Businesses turn to tech as they reopen
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how human-robot cooperation is enabling society to better combat COVID-19 via improved cleaning and disinfecting capabilities.
21 July 2020 The Next Platform   Next Platform TV for July 21, 2020
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses the opportunities and challenges quantum computing creates for the energy and utility industry.
10 July 2020 Further Education News (FE News)   COVID-19: Addressing the internet accessibility issue in education
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski writes on the importance of digital inclusion and equity to ensure online learning is accessible for all students throughout this time.  
9 July 2020 Forbes   Bad To The Bot: Is Your Chat Bot Hurting Your Customer Service?
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses five considerations companies should think about when implementing chat bots into their businesses.
1 July 2020 The Next Platform
  The Next Platform TV for July 1, 2020
IEEE member Mario Milicevic discusses the opportunities
and challenges quantum computing poses for transportation’s many facets.
30 June 2020 People’s Posts and Telecommunications News   VR Technology Bridges the Gap between Time and Space
(Chinese Version)
IEEE Senior member Xun Luo discusses how VR creates connected universal experiences around the globe, and helps us deal with challenges brought by COVID-19.
29 June 2020 SearchEnterpriseAI   Deep learning's role in the evolution of machine learning
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses the evolution of machine learning and its applications.
23 June 2020 TechRepublic   Is low-code/no-code the future of application development?
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses low-code development platforms and their potential business applications.
22 June 2020 Raconteur Privacy and Security Five ways to stop phishing in its tracks
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran comments on the ways organizations can better protect themselves from phishing threats whilst employees work remotely. He argues cybersecurity training is essential, giving an example of how inhouse security teams can raise awareness throughout the company.
21 June 2020

Correio do Povo

  Demand for the use of virtual reality in medicine is expected to grow after the pandemic (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Anderson Maciel discusses the benefits of technology in health and the demand for virtual reality use in medicine that is expected to grow after the pandemic.
10 June
Business Reporter Privacy and Security Future of Work: Closing the cyber-skills gap
IEEE Senior member Steven Furnell writes on the future of work arguing that in order to address future cyber security concerns, organizations need to improve their workforce’s cyberliteracy.
9 June 2020
SupplyChainBrain Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure How a Digital Twin Can Prepare Supply Chains for Emergencies
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses digital twins and how they can be leveraged to limit supply chain disruptions.
9 June 2020 Computer Weekly Privacy and Security
e92plus adds zero-trust response with Ericom signing
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran comments on the rise and different types of phishing attacks relating to COVID-19 claims. A UK team secured this after identifying a news jumping opportunity and distributing a media alert locally.
8 June 2020
CSO   A 10-point plan to vet SaaS provider security
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses best practices for vetting SaaS providers' security provisions.
8 June 2020 SearchCIO   What is the future of hybrid cloud for businesses?
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses the growth of the hybrid cloud model and the various reasons for organizations to have a mix on premises and cloud.
6 June 2020 SearchCIO   Is facial recognition the new norm?
IEEE member Sukanya Mandal shares insights on facial recognition, how it works, how it has gained momentum and what the threat is.
19 May 2020 Data Center Knowledge Privacy and Security Five Tips for Remote Data Center Manager Security During the Pandemic
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses various ways that data center employees now working remotely due to COVID-19 can ensure safe and secure data centers.
11 May 2020
Machine Design Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Adopt Digital Twins to Mitigate Pandemic Fallout
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetaa discusses how digital twins can help enterprises react and adapt to supply chain disruptions.
11 May 2020 SearchStorage   Storage and database innovation evolve in tandem
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses storage and database technologies and how their capabilities are being augmented by innovation.
11 May 2020 ZDNet   How AI and ML are helping first responders
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the ways artificial intelligence and machine learning can help firefighters, police officers, and EMS medics respond to emergencies and save lives.
8 May 2020 The Robot Report  

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be overlooked during COVID-19 response, says IEEE expert
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses robotics in healthcare and how to use artificial intelligence to secure them and expand their capabilities.

6 May 2020 TechNewsWorld  

Oculus Quest Production Stymied by Pandemic

IEEE member David Krum and IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta speak on innovations in VR tech and applications.

5 May 2020
IoT Agenda   Learn the IoT botnets basics every IT expert should know
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses how and why IoT devices have vulnerabilities that make them easier targets.
5 May 2020 SearchEnterpriseAI   6 key benefits of AI for business
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how artificial intelligence will help businesses move quicker in a digital age.
1 May 2020 Government Technology   Experts: Smart City Work Should Stay the Course Amid Crisis
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how emerging technologies can be leveraged in innovative ways to enable cities to better combat COVID-19 and other disasters.
29 April 2020 Gazeta de Alagoas  

Excessive use of the Internet can lead to network problems
(Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Luiz Fernando Bittencourt discusses how the increase in residential broadband used in quarantine can cause congestion and affect the performance of apps. 


27 April 2020 CSO   10 ways to get more from your security budget
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses the importance of security leaders periodically re-assessing the risks facing their organizations, identifying the biggest ones, and re-aligning their investments to those risks in order to get the most of their budgets.
24 April 2020   E&E News   3D-printed health equipment could curb waste, help workers
IEEE members Matthew Fiedler and Samantha Snabes discuss the work they are doing to produce PPE components like comfort straps and face shields for COVID-19 healthcare workers as well as the benefits of additive manufacturing to reduce waste.
20 April 2020 SearchSecurity   Zero-trust networking adoption, management, complexities
IEEE Senior member Jack Burbank discusses the zero-trust approach for enterprise networking.
17 April 2020 TechRepublic   Moore's Law turns 55: Is it still relevant?
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the relevance of Moore’s Law and how related technology to the Law will likely shift from traditional silicon transistors to quantum computing.
16 April 2020   Dark Reading
  Technologists Pose Secure Certification for Immunity
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses digital immunity certificates and the key ways that consumers and businesses can ensure seamless widespread adoption.
15 April 2020 TechTarget   A tale of two telepresence robotics user stories
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta is quoted discussing the benefits of using telepresence in healthcare and the future innovations the tech will see as it spreads to new industries.
13 April 2020 Digital Trends   A staggering problem’: Working from home could lead to massive data leaks
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discussses the increased risk of data breaches due to the high number of people working from home.
6 April 2020 Correio da Bahia   Data security during home office time (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Marcos Simplício explains the need to protect ourselves and to stay alert to ensure digital security both individually, and company.

3 April 2020 MarketWatch   The internet is being put to its greatest test, and it is passing (so far)
IEEE member Mario Milicevic discusses the current bandwidth and infrastructure of the internet and how its increase of usage from consumers is impacting its ability to function properly.
31 March  2020 Cyber Security Hub Privacy and Security Monitoring And Preparing For Emerging Coronavirus-Related Cyber Security Threats
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses how organizations, specifically small businesses, can best protect themselves during times when bad actors are increasingly attacking.
30 Marh 2020 EdTech: Focus on Higher Education Privacy and Security 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Campus Security
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses how AI can be strategically leveraged to optimize network security on college and university campuses.
26 March 2020
The Security Ledger   Episode 179: CISO Eye on the Virus Guy – Assessing COVID’s Cyber RisksThe Security Ledger
IEEE Member Kayne McGladrey discusses the cyber risks of telecommuting and remote meetings and how to combat them.
20 March 2020 Dark Reading Privacy and Security Attack Surface, Vulnerabilities Increase as Orgs Respond to COVID-19 Crisis
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses the ways to secure data between remote workers and core systems, mobile device management capabilities, and containerization as an option for companies to separate corporate and personal data on an employee's device.
19 March 2020 NBC News Online   The best noise cancelling headphones to shop in 2020
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the technology behind active noise cancelling headphones, how they work, and what consumers should take into consideration when deciding if noise cancelling headphones are right for them.
4 March 2020 EdTech Magazine   Finding the Right Cloud Solution for Your District’s Storage Needs
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses how integrating with cloud solutions can benefit K-12 school districts in various ways.
3 March 2020
SearchBusiness Analytics   Top embedded analytics examples in enterprise applications
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the applications of embedded analytics and how they allow different data to be looked at quickly without having to be an expert user in a software product.
26 February 2020 The New York Times   Air Travelers Can't See All of It, but More Tech Is Moving Them Along
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how sensor and thermal image technology can give maintenance crews advanced notice for damages on airplanes.
10 February 2020 SearchSecurity   Beat common types of cyberfraud with security awareness
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses the importance of security awareness programs in helping employees detect various types of cyberfraud.
3 February 2020 eMarketer   Connected Cars 2020
IEEE Senior member Alex Wyglinski discusses the importance of creating uniform vehicle protocols and standards for everything from safety to communications to commerce and entertainment.
21 January 2020 Dark Reading Privacy and Security 7 Tips for Infosec Pros Considering a Lateral Career Move
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses the importance of hiring a diverse workforce within cybersecurity, the competition for talent within infosec, and general advice for security practitioners who want to work in a new area of the industry but don't know how to go about doing it.
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