IEEE staff, volunteers, and members span the globe providing services, holding conferences, and contributing to important developments in technology and engineering. The page highlights IEEE members who are technical experts and can speak to such topics as smart grid, cloud computing, women in engineering, robotics, and engineering education, all of which are featured in top-tier media.

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The Perfect Storm of the FAA Outage: Why Catastrophic Scenario Testing Beyond Manufacturing is Essential for Critical Infrastructure Security
11 January 2023

IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the FAA system (NOTAM) outage and the role of emerging technologies in enabling catastrophic scenario testing beyond manufacturing for securing critical infrastructure moving forward.

Recent IEEE news

18 January 2023 Smart Cities Dive Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure Las Vegas invests in connected vehicle technology
IEEE Life Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses smart city and connected vehicle technologies at CES 2023.
13 January 2023
Fierce Telecom Cybersecuirty Could hackers target electric co-ops and their broadband assets?
IEEE Senior member Jack Burbank discusses security standards for electric co-operatives who are also deploying broadband.
6 January 2023 Gazeta da Semana Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure For IEEE expert, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things can save lives in emergencies
(Portuguese Version)
A daily news portal from São Paulo published an article with IEEE Senior member Paulo Miyagi about technologies such as IoT and AI that are being used in the automation of building security systems, concert halls, and sports arenas to identify flames, for example, and trigger emergency procedures.
26 December 2022 Security Magazine Cybersecurity Digital manufacturing is a double-edged sword: How to leverage opportunities while mitigating threats
IEEE Fellow Ramesh Karri discusses both the benefits and disadvantages of digital manufacturing and how security concerns are currently being addressed.
23 December 2022 Security Informed Cybersecurity What Will Be The Biggest Surprise For Security In 2023
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses the growing number of boards of public companies suddenly recruiting for board members with cybersecurity expertise
22 December 2022 VentureBeat   An engineer’s view of the metaverse
IEEE Life Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses the metaverse and immersive technologies in advance of CES 2023.
6 December 2022 MarketWatch   CES preview: Tech world prepares to convene in Vegas for annual trade show
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses the metaverse and immersive technologies in advance of CES 2023.
30 November 2022 Government Technology Cybersecurity Why Do You Need a Security Operations Center as a Service?
IEEE member Rebecca Herold discusses why you need a security operations center as a service.
30 November 2022 IoT Agenda   SCybimulation and predictive analytics boost forecast capabilities
IEEE Life Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses predictive analytics and simulations.
28 November 2022 TechRepublic Cybersecurity Top cybersecurity threats for 2023
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses the IEEE Tech in 2023 Survey findings focusing on cybersecurity, as well as the key threats and opportunities facing enterprises in the year ahead.
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