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How to Create Events to Help Girls Prepare for STEM Careers
14 January 2020

IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta shares actionable insights on how to best engage young girls when helping them prepare for STEM-related careers.

IEEE Senior member Feng Xu shares the scientific achievements in communications, sensing, and other life-changing technologies in the last 50 years.

Recent IEEE news

25 January 2020 TechRepublic   Python: Where to learn it and why you should do it now
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the importance of learning Python as a programming language, especially for those who want to enter into technical professions, as well as where one can go to learn Python.
21 January 2020 Dark Reading   7 Tips for Infosec Pros Considering a Lateral Career Move
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses the importance of hiring a diverse workforce within cybersecurity, the competition for talent within infosec, and general advice for security practitioners who want to work in a new area of the industry but don't know how to go about doing it.
12 January 2020 Construction Executive   Smarter Construction With IoT
IEEE member Geoff Mulligan authored an article that discusses the role IoT plays in making construction projects safer.
19 December 2019 SearchSecurity   ICS security challenges and how to overcome them
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses best practices to stay safe in a connected world and within internet-connected industrial control systems.
16 December 2019 eMarketer   Smart Homes 2020
IEEE Senior member Alex Wyglinski discusses the importance of privacy and security for IoT devices in the home as well as the work the research community is doing to identify vulnerabilities.
9 December 2019 Marie Claire   Does your ex know your passwords?
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran explores the best way to keep your passwords secure and the steps to take.
8 December 2019 Network World   5G in 2020: Still just a private party
IEEE Senior member Babak Beheshti discusses how 5G will make a mark in 2020 through private deployments.
6 December 2019 The Space Show   The Space Show – Panagiotis (Panos) Tsiotras, IEEE
IEEE Fellow Panagiotis Tsiotras discusses various related topics including advanced AI and robotics for all spaceflight, autonomous vehicles and the applications of software vs. hardware in space.
5 December 2019

IoT Agenda

  How do IoT and blockchain for traceability simplify compliance?
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses how organizations can use IoT sensors and blockchain to confirm their traceability systems meet requirements.
12 December 2019 Construction Executive   Smarter Construction With IoT
IEEE member Geoff Mulligan authored an article that discusses the role IoT plays in making construction projects safer.
11 December 2019 IoT Agenda   AI in space exploration leads to more independent robots
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek discusses how robots have successfully reached Mars and ret
15 November 2019 TechCrunch   You’ve heard of CRISPR, now meet its newer, savvier cousin CRISPR Prime
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses CRISPR, Prime Editing, and the future of genome editing at length, resulting in an article focusing entirely on her POV on the emerging technologies and their immense potential to benefit humanity in a variety of ways.
8 November 2019 The Space Show   The Space Show – Ella Atkins, IEEE
IEEE Senior member Ella Atkins discusses the use of robotics in space, leveraging tech for space for the future, autonomous terrestrial, air & space vehicles, human spaceflight and more.
7 November 2019 SearchSecurity   Creating and managing a zero-trust security framework
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran outlines how enterprises should introduce a zero-trust security framework and discusses implementation challenges they are likely to face.
4 November 2019
Open Access Government   Technology and stress: A complex, evolving relationship
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran explores whether technology can really be the answer to our modern anxieties that are often caused by technology itself.
4 November 2019 SearchSecurity   A cybersecurity skills gap demands thinking outside the box
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses what the industry can do to reframe and rebrand the cybersecurity field to address the cybersecurity skills gap.
1 November 2019 Forbes
  Can We Really Use The Moon’s Billion-Year Old Water To Make Rocket Fuel And Open Up The Cosmos?
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the plausibility of converting lunar ice/water into rocket fuel, the future of interstellar mining, autonomous systems’ capacity to support mining in space, and more.
31 October 2019 Network World
Big Four carriers want to rule IoT by simplifying 
IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler discusses how mobile carriers can take advantage of the IoT.
29 October 2019
Estado de Minas   Millenial parents accept virtual reality for 3D heart (Portguese Version)
IEEE member Artur Ziviani discusses the growing confidence of Millenial parents about the use of Artificial Intelligence and even a 3D heart transplant for the treatment of their children if necessary.
28 October 2019 Robotics Business Review   Millennial Parents Show Growing Trust in AI, Robotics for Health Care
Robotics Business Review’s editorial team shines a spotlight on several of the 2019 Generation AI study’s key findings focusing on robotics and their healthcare-focused applications.
24 October 2019 IoT Agenda   How did the Apollo landing shape future uses of IoT?
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek discusses how the technology used to make the Apollo lunar landing possible was just the start of the spread of IoT to manufacturing, healthcare and education.
18 October 2019   How to Design Events to Inspire Girls About STEM Careers
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the importance of strategically engaging young girls when attempting to facilitate interest in STEM.
15 October 2019 Axios   The future of spacewalks is more robots and less humans
IEEE Senior member Ella Atkins discusses robotics’ impact on the future of spacewalks.
10 September 2019 Bloomberg Environment   INSIGHT: Sensing a Sustainable Future from Space
Observing earth from thousands of sensor-enabled satellites is generating significantly more unbiased data and supporting agriculture, forestry and many other sectors. IEEE President José Moura and IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta provide perspectives on how valuable this new and ever-increasing data haul will be to environmental sustainability efforts.
9 September 2019 Reader’s Digest   12 Signs Your Computer Has a Virus
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses the signs that suggest their might be a virus on your computer virus. He also provide tips for preventing computer viruses.
12 August 2019 Robotics Business Review   Mobile Robot Safety and Security Checklist
IEEE Senior member James Conrad discusses safety precautions when you deploy mobile robots in your warehouse or manufacturing facility.
8 August 2019 KSAT-TV   Understand: 5G technology and where it's headed (Audio: 3:35)
IEEE member Babak Beheshti discusses the future of 5G.    
1 August 2019
Forbes   Experts Say Facebook's Mind-Reading Brain Interface Isn't That Crazy
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta and IEEE member Todd Richmond discuss the technology required to make mind-reading brain interface a reality through the use of wearable devices.
25 July 2019 MobiHealthNews Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure How the innovation industry is seeking to protect your skin in the extreme heat
IEEE Fellow and Impact Creator Karen Panetta discusses the need for data expertise when it comes to training artificial intelligence models.
19 July 2019
CNET Natural Capital Our Apollo-inspired dreams of living on the moon could still come true
IEEE Senior member Ella Atkins discusses the technology necessary to make lunar life a reality, the computing power during Apollo 11, and the use of AI and robotics in space exploration.
17 July 2019 WJTV.Com Natural Capital
IEEE MOVE Truck Stops in Flowood on Return Trip from Hurricane Barry
(Audio: 01:02) The article captures the great work IEEE MOVE volunteers do in helping out communities when hurricane and other disasters occur.  A video segment also details the MOVE team's work.
16 July 2019 Correio Braziliense Natural Capital When we won the moon (Portguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Antonio Pedro Timoszczuk talks about the main points of this historical milestone and the likelihood of a future mission.
15 July  21019 Computer Weekly Natural Capital How Apollo 11 influenced modern computer software and hardware
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek and IEEE Senior member Ella Aktins explores how the Apollo 11 space mission has influenced today’s computer software and hardware.
11 July 2019
CIO   What is NoOps? The quest for fully automated IT operations
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses NoOps, the concept of IT operations being fully automated, including how much of IT operations can actually be automated and what are the pros, cons, strategies, and cautions around this.
18 June 2019 Digital Trends Live
Environmental Sustainability Digital Trends Live: Facebook’s cryprocurrency, Walmart deliveries, and more
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta joined the show to discuss creating and implementing sustainable technologies that will protect oceans and also make the overall environment more sustainable.
13 June 2019 The Philadelphia Inquirer Privacy and Security
How hackers used little-known credit-card feature to defraud Lansdale woman, $1.99 at a time
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses how threat actors go about credit card fraud as well as the ways consumers can combat it.
17 May 2019 ZDNet Enviormental Sustainability IoT sensors unlocking hyper-local environmental insights
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses the Hyper-Local Air Quality project, which is being conducted in partnership with Pardee RAND, and what the rise of IoT-based sensors and big data might mean for the future of environmental monitoring.
2 May 2019
ZDNet   Will Care-Bots Cure the Loneliness of Nursing Homes?
IEEE Life member Jayakrishnan discusses his Sayabot and the future of robotics in healthcare and, in particular, at-home care.
2 May 2019 SearchSecurity Environmental Sustainability CrowdStrike tackles BIOS attacks with new Falcon features
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses the importance of protecting the BIOS, the kinds of BIOS attacks enterprises should worry about and what enterprises can do to bolster BIOS security and prevent BIOS attacks.
1 May 2019 IoT Agenda
Environmental Sustainability
Use cases and benefits of smart sensors for IoT
IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler discusses various types of IoT sensors including those that will have an impact on smart buildings and environmental monitoring as well as the future of the technology.
24 April 2019 IoT Agenda
  How do smart microgrids fit into IoT energy initiatives?
While there are management challenges associated with microgrids, IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler says IoT-driven grid management systems can help operators perform critical tasks.
18 April 2019 IoT Agenda
Privacy and Security
How can connected car security issues be detected and mitigated?
IEEE Senior member Alexander Wyglinski discusses why the vehicular tech industry needs to shift gears to put the brakes on connected car security threats.
9 April 2019 SearchSecurity Privacy and Security
DHS-led agency works to visualize, share cyber-risk information
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses the best practices that organizations/CISOs should be doing to help highlight risks and threats and share information.
9 April 2019 ZDNet   Cloud computing: What's coming next and how you can help your business to prepare
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran  discusses the future of cloud computing.
8 April 2019 IoT Agenda

What are the benefits of IoT for utilities and their consumers?

Saving energy and optimizing distribution are benefits of IoT for utilities. But, without consumer buy-in, IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler said, utilities' efforts are for naught.

2 April 2019 IoT Agenda   What are the challenges of designing virtual reality experiences?
IEEE member Todd Richmond outlines three issues to overcome related to designing virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality experiences.
29 March 2019

Why Point-To-Point Rocket Travel Will Take Longer Than You Think

IEEE Senior member Ella Atkins discusses the feasibility of point-to-point rocket travel for an engineering perspective.

28 March 2019 StateTech  

The Benefits of 5G Network Slicing in Public Safety

IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discuss network slicing in 5G networks, the benefits and challenges of deploying network slicing.

21 March 2019 IoT Agenda   Virtual and augmented reality experiences: Casual or dedicated?
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses the two classes of reality experiences and the difference between the two.
14 March 2019 StateTech   How 5G and Multi-Access Edge Computing Can Optimize Public Safety
IEEE member Babak Beheshti and IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discuss how 5G and multi-access edge computing can optimize public safety.
14 March 2019 IoT Agenda Privacy + Security How do VIoT, SDR and cognitive radio aid connected car technology?
IEEE Senior member Alexander Wyglinski discusses connected car technology’s reliance on situational awareness, which relies on proper wireless configuration including vehicular IoT, SDR, and cognitive radio.
12 March 2019 CSO Privacy + Security What is quantum cryptography? It’s no silver bullet, but could improve security
IEEE Senior member William Hurley (Whurley) discusses the switch to post-quantum cryptography and the overall effect it will have on security.
11 March 2019 CSO
Privacy + Security 7 hot cybersecurity trends (and 4 going cold)
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses security trends and why enterprises shouldn’t chase them.
1 March 2019 ZDNet   Top 5 jobs that will take advantage of the IIoT revolution
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the importance of having cybersecurity professionals as part of the Industrial IoT revolution to keep data secure and mitigate inevitable attacks.
1 March 2019 IoT Agenda   What are the benefits of smart farming systems?
IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler discusses how precision farming systems can improve the quality and yields of food produced.
25 February 2019 IoT Agenda   Securing IoT: Whose responsibility is it?
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses whose responsibility it is for securing IoT.
4 February 2019 Cyber Security Hub AR/VR

How do we build an augmented and virtual reality business plan?

IEEE member Todd Richmond outlines three principles for design in AR/VR planning.

28 January 2019 Cyber Security Hub Privacy and Security
The Phishing Phenomenon: How To Keep Your Head Above Water
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses topics related to phishing such as why it continues to grow, how to identify a phishing email, and how to best protect the enterprise from phishing attacks.
17 January 2019
IoT Agenda   What are the challenges of building a smart agriculture system?
IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler discusses the challenges and best practices for a successful smart agriculture system.
9 January 2019
NBC Consumer Electronics

A camera for babies and a fridge that can text you: The best from this year’s top gadget show
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin said he’s leaving CES "optimistic." "Consumer electronics are an important part of our lives nowadays,” he said. “It reflects mankind’s striving to be able to do things in new ways, whether it be entertainment, exploration, taking care of your family, or understanding the universe and ourselves."

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