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I Asked Experts Why Carmakers Can't Just Transition To Newer Chips In Stock. Here's What They Told Me
1 October 2021

IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses the semiconductor chip shortage and its impact on the automotive industry.

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19 October 2021 IoT Agenda   Learn the basics of cryptography in IoT
IEEE member Yale Fox discusses the basics of cryptography in IoT.
18 October 2021 IoT World Today Privacy and Security Tapping AI for Intrusion Detection Systems
IEEE member Rebecca Herold discusses AI-based intrusion detection for deterring IoT attacks.
14 October 2021 Security Magazine Privacy and Security Protecting schools in hybrid and remote learning environments
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses best practices for ensuring K-12 students, staff, and schools stay safe online in the era of remote learning.
17 September 2021 CIO   AI in hiring might do more harm than good
IEEE Fellow Jelena Kovačević’s discusses the importance of unbiased data sets when using AI for hiring practices.
8 September   Lifewire   Why AR Could Be More Popular Than Smartphones
IEEE Senior member Gregory Welch discusses the current and future uses of augmented reality.
 7 September 2021   Saúde Digital News Health and Wellness
As a new form of recognition, cardiac biometrics promises greater need for safety
(Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Jéferson Nobre discusses a new form of recognition that is being researched, based on the body's biological signals, that promises more safety and accuracy, called cardiac biometrics. “Each person has a kind of cardiac signature, which is unique.
30 August 2021 Security Magazine Privacy and Security
A back-to-school plan for reaching the next generation of cybersecurity professionals
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses best practices for engaging middle and high school students on cybersecurity careers.
27 August 2021 Popular Science Privacy and Security When to have the online-security talk with your kids
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses best practices for keeping children safe online.
25 August 2021 Lifewire   Why Robots Are Getting More Human
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses humanoid robots and the emerging technologies enabling such systems to operate more seamlessly and efficiently.
2 August 2021 Lifewire   Why Your Next iPhone Could Be More Expensive
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.
27 July 2021 Canaltech   Brazilian creates app to facilitate parking searches in cities (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Márcio Andrey Teixeira discusses his development of an application that helps in finding parking spaces in large urban centers.
27 July 2021 FedTech   VoIP Upgrades Bring New Features to Federal Phone Systems
IEEE Fellow Stu Lipoff discusses Voice over Internet Protocol capabilities, particularly in regards to telework.
20 July 2021 iChina Magazine
  How Could The New Development Of Smart Cities Make Intelligence Transportation Come To Life
(Chinese Version)
EEE Senior member Guangjie Han, IEEE Senior member Ming Liu, and IEEE Senior member Yidong Li shared their insights towards applying Al and automated technologies in the development of smart cities in China.
9 July 2021 HealthcareInfoSecurity   Telehealth: Emerging Security, Privacy Issues
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses cybersecurity implications of telehealth applications so that organizations can better protect themselves.
8 July 2021 Forbes Brazil  

16 tips for women who want to work in the technology field
(Portuguese Version)
Forbes Brasil interviewed IEEE Senior member Vanessa Batista Schramm on what are the main tips for women who want to enter the technology area.

16 June 2021
Design News   Too Few Women in Engineering? Here Are Some Solutions
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the state of gender parity in engineering and potential solutions to challenges facing women in the industry ahead of INWED 2021.
9 June 2021
IoT Agenda
  Invest in 4 technologies for industrial IoT architecture
IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler discusses industrial IoT architecture, its use cases, and benefits.
8 June 2021 i News   The centralised nature of our internet makes outages like Fastly’s inevitable
IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran discusses how the internet outage demonstrates that the web is not as decentralized as we think it is.
4 June 2021
HealthTech Magazine   Where Should Hospitals Direct Their Cybersecurity Focus?
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey shares advice on what healthcare providers can do to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.
2 June 2021   Smart Appliances and Your Health
IEEE member Carmen Fontana shares advice on what consumers should consider when purchasing smart home technology.
31 May 2021 Saúde Business  

Robotic systems could contribute to the identification and treatment of mental disorders (Portuguese Version)

Saúde Business published an article on how robotic systems may in the future contribute to the identification and treatment of mental disorders. IEEE member Tiago Roux says, “the robot could serve as a stimulus and incentive for the patient to perform simple daily tasks, tasks that he knows how to do, but unfortunately he forgot because of the disease."

20 May 2021 IT Pro   Why aren’t women heading more tech startups?
IEEE member Keeley Crockett comments on gender representation in the technology industry, and how businesses, particularly start ups, need to overcome subconscious bias in the recruitment process to ensure equality.
17 May 2021 Recode
  The FCC’s high-profile bet on Elon Musk
IEEE Fellow Gabriel Rebeiz provides insight on the Kessler effect related to the increased number of satellites in orbit.
14 May 2021 O Estado de S.Paulo   Brazilian universities want to use artificial intelligence to detect coronavirus variants (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Esther Colombini discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being explored to help identify new variants of COVID-19.
30 April 2021 NetEase Technology   Interview with Fushuan Wen: The Development Of Charging Station Lags Far Behind The Sales Of Electric Vehicles (Chinese Version)
IEEE Fellow Fushuan Wen shared his insights towards the current status and future opportunities of  electric vehicle charging station in China.
26 April 2021 HealthITSecurity Health and Wellness Healthcare’s Biggest Cybersecurity Blind Spots and Misconceptions
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey discusses the biggest cybersecurity misconceptions and provides insight on what healthcare organizations can do to better protect themselves from a cyber attack.
19 April 2021 TechRepublic Health and Wellness How autonomous vehicles could help the elderly and disabled in the near future
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses applications for AVs with re: to assisted living and supporting the elderly and disabled.
19 April 2021 IoT Agenda   IoT interoperability standards complicate IoT adoption
IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler discusses how interoperability for IoT becomes a native expectation across industries.
13 April 2021 CIO   7 new social engineering tactics threat actors are using now
IEEE member Rebecca Herold shares insights on social engineering schemes and best practices for enterprise security.
8 April 2021 Axios   How AI could revolutionize biology – and vice versa
IEEE member Jay Shah offers insight on the methods being developed to correct potential bias in AI/ML algorithms.
7 April 2021 CIO   How AI is revolutionizing training
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses AI-based learning and best practices for reskilling.
2 April 2021 Diário de Pernambuco Health and Wellness

Artificial intelligence tools can give greater precision to Covid-19's treatment (Portuguese Version)

IEEE member Anthony Lins and IEEE member Anselmo Frizera Neto discuss technological tools that can assist in more accurate Covid-19 diagnosis and assist in infected patient's treatment and rehabilitation.

25 March 2021 Design World   Accepting your differences
IEEE Senior member Jill Tietjen discusses her personal experiences as a leading woman in engineering.
20 March 2021 iChina Magazine  

IoT Innovation Is Experiencing Fast Development In 2021 (Chinese Version)
IEEE Senior member Guangjie Han shares his insights about the innovations and opportunities of the IoT in 2021.

17 March 2021 Construction Dive Infrastructure Tech 101: 5G networks in construction
IEEE Senior member Babak Beheshti discusses the applications of 5G in the construction industry.
15 March 2021 IoT Agenda   Focus the role of data analytics in IoT on actionable insights
IEEE member Geoff Mulligan and Alexander Wyglinski discusses how organizations must design IoT deployments.
11 March 2021 Vox Infrastructure Why every state is vulnerable to a Texas-style power crisis
IEEE Senior member Jill Tietjen discusses how the country can move to more sustainable and clean energy options in the wake of the Texas power outages.
11 March 2021 FedTech Magazine Infrastructure

VDI Supports the Additional Workers Needed During Surges and Emergencies
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses virtual desktop infrastructure and how it’s been used to help people work remotely.

2 March 2021 Wall Street Journal  

A Letter Sealed for Centuries Has Been Read—Without Even Opening It

IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how virtual letter unfolding techniques could also be used to check undeployed parachutes for safety.

23 February 2021 Search Data Management   The top 5 graph database advantages for enterprises
IEEE member Mayank Kejriwal is featured within the story discussing the advantages and use cases  for graph databases.
22 February 2021 FedTech Magazine Infrastructure The Importance of Supply Chain Risk Management in Government
IEEE member Kayne McGladrey discusses supply chain risk management and they tools/standards that IT professionals should consider using.
22 February 2021 SearchBusinessAnalytics   Top 5 enterprise graph analytics use cases
IEEE member Mayank Kejriwal and IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discuss the types of companies who use graph databases and use cases for graph analytics.
16 February 2021 Design World   Using engineering skills to make an impact
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses her personal experiences as a leading woman in engineering and the role of IEEE in empowering the next generation of women engineers.
16 February 2021 Data Center Knowledge Infrastructure Managing Encryption for Data Centers Is Hard. And It Will Get Harder
IEEE Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses hardware challenges related to encryption for data centers.
1 February 2021 ZdNet   Six industries impacted by the combination of 5G and edge computing
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski discusses the reasons for implementing edge computing in 5G and why the automotive industry is one that will see some of the biggest impact from the combination of the two technologies.
29 January 2021 BBC News   Satellite boom attracts technology giants
IEEE Senior member Paul Kostek discusses the issues surrounding the increase in space debris and what we can expect with geostationary satellites. Paul also touches on the potential impact of satellite launches on space traffic management.
28 January 2021 StateTach Magazine Infrastructure State and Local Agencies Optimize With Cloud Assessments
IEEE member Carmen Fontana discusses how state and local agencies can optimize and assess their cloud usage.
25 January 2021 Correio Braziliense Health and Wellness Robot created by Brazilians helps those who have limited mobility (Portuguese Version)
IEEE member Anselmo Frizera discusses the intelligent Cloud Walker project. It is an intelligent walker that identifies a person's intention to move and can provide physical and cognitive assistance to a person.
15 January 2021 Security Magazine Health and Wellness Telehealth’s emergence and the keys to security in 2021
IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey contributed an article focusing on telehealth-related security heading into 2021.
14 January 2021 Communications of the ACM Health and  Wellness Just Think: The Outlook for BCI
IEEE member Carmen Fontana explains brain computer interface (BCI) and the variety of implications behind the emerging tech.
13 January 2021 ZDNet Health and Wellness Social Distancing? Teleworking? It’s time for immersive technologies
IEEE member Todd Richmond discusses the Generation AI 2020 survey and its key findings focusing on AR/VR, as well as a variety of evergreen topics pertaining to AR/VR adoption and enablement.
10 January 2021 The Sunday Times Health and Wellness How society will tech it to the next level in 2021
IEEE member Antonio Espingardeiro discusses how technology is impacting the healthcare and aviation sectors.  
8 January 2021 SearchSecurity Health and Wellness 2021 IT priorities require security considerations
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta, IEEE Senior member Shawn Chandler, IEEE Senior member Kayne McGladrey, IEEE Senior member David Witkowski, and IEEE member Carmen Fontana discuss a variety of security implications for the emerging technologies referenced as top priorities in IEEE’s survey of CIOs and CTOs.   
3 January 2021 ZDNet Health and Wellness A 3D-printed heart made out of your own stem cells (Video Clip 9:24)
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses the Generation AI 2020 survey and its key findings, as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of emerging technologies in healthcare.
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