IEEE staff, volunteers, and members span the globe providing services, holding conferences, and contributing to important developments in technology and engineering. The page highlights IEEE members who are technical experts and can speak to such topics as smart grid, cloud computing, women in engineering, robotics, and engineering education, all of which are featured in top-tier media.

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Exploring the role of AI and future of work: A conversation with IEEE President Tom Coughlin
Interesting Engineering
1 February 2024

IEEE Life Fellow Tom Coughlin discusses his priorities as IEEE President and shares his point of view on the impact of AI on the future of work and emerging technologies’ impacts on business and society.   

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15 February 2024 Bloomberg Industry, and Innovation and Infrastructure 2024 Unpredictable Power Surges Threaten US Grid – And Your Home
2024 IEEE Past President Saifur Rahman discusses technology for tracking grid faults and the role of regulation in helping to prevent grid outages.
13 February 2024 TechBrew Industry, and Innovation and Infrastructure 2024 The fight against deepfakes ramps up
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how AI watermarking can help combat deepfakes and how there is a need to standardize this practice across companies.
30 January 2024 Forbes Industry, and Innovation and Infrastructure 2024 Pothole hunter: startup uses AI to revitalize Brazilian streets (Portuguese Version)
IEEE Senior member Euclides Chuma discusses vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence innovations. According to Chuma, "The AI system of these solutions uses images to look for adversities that they have been trained to find. It's a good solution, as long as the people, vehicles and other sensitive data captured are not stored."
 22 January 2024 Source Security  Cybersecurity 2023 What Safeguards Can Avoid Unauthorized Retrieval Of Access Control Data?
IEEE member Rebecca Herold discusses a few safeguards to put in place to protect against unauthorized data access.
 22 January 2024 TechTarget Cybersecurity 2023 How AI is advancing assistive technology
IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta discusses how AI can be used in assistive technology.
8 January 2024 TechTarget Industry, and Innovation and Infrastructure 2024 8 edge computing trends to watch in 2024 and beyond
IEEE Senior member David Witkowski discusses edge growth and its impact on infrastructure.
16 January 2024 EdTech Magazine Industry, and Innovation and Infrastructure 2024 Network Upgrades Enhance the Educational Experience, Tech Leaders Say
IEEE member Dorothy Stanley discusses how K-12 can benefit from the use of Wi-FI 6 and the infrastructure needed to make it effective.
12 January 2024 Automotive News
  AI is changing the cockpit as well as the brains of the car
IEEE Life Fellow Tom Coughlin provides commentary on vehicular technology and the role of microprocessors for enabling improved features at CES.
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