Past news coverage:� 2014

Autonomous Drive Expert Believes Cars Will Be Better Drivers Than Human

The New York Daily News, US
29 January 2014

Alberto Broggi, IEEE Fellow and Member of the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society, discusses his twenty-year career working in the field of autonomous vehicles and provides insights into the future of the industry.

Spy Games: Spooks Infiltrated Online Games / Espiões infiltram-se em games online (Portuguese Version)
IT Web, Brazil
29 January 2014

IT Web made use of the IEEE Spectrum article by Jeremy Hsu, titled “Spy Games". This article describes the interest from the NSA and other security agencies to extend surveillance of potential terrorists and other intelligence targets to video gaming and online platforms. 

How to Fix a Car - Without a Mechanic
20 January 2014

Jeffrey Miller, IEEE member and professor of computer engineering at the University of Southern California, discusses the future of augmented-reality technology and how this will help engineers and mechanics diagnose vehicle issues.

Big data will show strong growth in 2014 (PDF, 1.1 MB) (Chinese Version)
iChina, China
10 January 2014

George Thiruvathukal, IEEE member and professor of Computer Sciences at Loyola University Chicago, discusses the impact of big data to a business model, data security, and legislation.