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In September 2009, the IEEE Board of Directors approved an IEEE tagline—Advancing Technology for Humanity—as recommended by the IEEE Public Visibility Committee.

It was officially introduced in February 2010 with a video that can be viewed on


Tagline Q & A

Q: What is a tagline?

A: A tagline is a statement that captures the unique mission and vision of an organization in a way that is memorable. It should resonate by creating an emotional connection, and it should serve to clarify a point or create a dramatic effect. Appropriate use of taglines can help reinforce a particular message, position, or characteristic of a brand. A tagline is not an advertising campaign theme or slogan.

Q: What is the significance of this tagline?

A: Advancing Technology for Humanity reminds the technology community and the world that IEEE stands at the forefront of technological change for the betterment of humanity. These four words are a reflection of the IEEE mission and vision, positioning statement, and brand promise. It is the hope that all individuals who see this tagline will better understand and appreciate the role that technology and IEEE play in creating a better tomorrow. IEEE accomplishes this overarching goal through its publications, conferences, educational programs, standards development, and IEEE members’ everyday research and professional activities.

Q: How was the tagline selected?

A: In order to select a tagline that most accurately represented IEEE, a very robust research plan was implemented, which included the testing of 10 different taglines developed by the IEEE Public Visibility Ad Hoc Committee. Data were collected from over 2,700 individuals from around the world who represented four target audiences (pre-university students, university students, professionals and members). The online study asked how well the tagline described IEEE, as well as how appropriate, appealing and unique each tagline was. Advancing Technology for Humanity scored highest overall based on these criteria and resonated with all audiences in all tested countries." 

Q: Is the IEEE Master Brand + Tagline Graphic replacing the current IEEE “logo"?

A: No, the IEEE Master Brand + Tagline graphic is NOT a "new" IEEE logo and does not "replace" the current IEEE Master Brand.

Q: How and when should the IEEE Master Brand + Tagline graphic be used?

Use the Master Brand + Tagline graphic on materials when no other logo or logo with a tagline exists, as well as on all promotional items (conference giveaways, etc.).

Corporate materials (PowerPoint template and letterhead used on behalf of IEEE) that incorporate the IEEE Master Brand + Tagline graphic have been created and are available for use.

Q: When should the IEEE Master Brand be used?

Use the IEEE Master Brand when another logo or logo with a tagline exists, or when a small amount of space makes the tagline illegible. Also, all IEEE websites must include the IEEE Master Brand in the upper-right of the site header (only uses the IEEE Master Brand in the upper-left).

It is still acceptable to use the IEEE Master Brand and it is not necessary to reprint or edit existing material that uses the IEEE Master Brand.

Q:  Is it acceptable to use the tagline “Advancing Technology for Humanity” on materials, without the IEEE Master Brand?

A: No, the tagline must always appear with the IEEE Master Brand in the prescribed size and position. It should never be used alone. The one exception is when the tagline is used in an email signature displayed as IEEE – Advancing Technology for Humanity.

Q: Where can I get the IEEE Master Brand and IEEE Master Brand + Tagline graphics?

A: You can find them in the Master Brand and Logos section of the IEEE Brand Identity Toolkit.

Q: What if additional information is needed?

A: For questions on tagline use, contact


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