IEEE and its various boards are looking for volunteers with the necessary leadership and organizational skills to impact the future success of the organization. This page contains a list of available volunteer leadership opportunities within IEEE. If you would like to access nomination information for any of these positions, click the link at the bottom of the section it is listed in.

IEEE Educational Activities Board

Contact IEEE Educational Activities Board staff for nomination information and deadlines.

  • EAB Treasurer
  • Awards & Recognition Committee (ARC)
  • Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee (PECC)
  • Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) in IEEE
  • Section Outreach Committee
  • Continuing Education CommittContent Acqisitions Committee (CAC)
  • Content Acqisitions Committee (CAC)
  • EAB Products and Services Committee
  • Certificates, Certifications, and Credit-Bearing Programs Committee (CCCBPC)
  • EAB/SA Standards Education Committee (SEC)
  • University Resources Committee (URC)
  • Committee on Global Accreditation Activities (CGAA)
  • Faculty & Departments Committee (FDC)
  • Student Educational Resources Committee (SERC)
  • Curricula & Pedagogy Committee (CPC)
  • Educational Products Editorial Board (EPEB)
  • EAB Engineering, Computing, and Technology Portals (ECTP) Strategy Committee (SC)

IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB)

Contact IEEE Technical Activities Board staff for nomination information and deadlines.

  • TA Vice President/TA Board Chair
  • TA Treasurer
  • TA Committee Chairs and Members

IEEE Press Editorial Board

Contact IEEE staff for nomination information and deadlines

  • IEEE Press Editorial Board Members

IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB)

Nomination deadline for these positions vary

  • Candidates for Vice President, Publication Services and Products: 23 March
  • Candidates for PSPB Member-at-Large: 15 April
  • Candidates for boards reporting to PSPB: 30 September

IEEE leadership positions

Nomination deadline for these positions ended 15 March 2015

  • Committee Chairs
  • Committee Members
  • IEEE President-Elect
  • IEEE Vice President, Publication Services and Products
  • IEEE Vice President, Educational Activities
  • IEEE Secretary
  • IEEE Treasurer

IEEE Awards Board Nominations and Appointments Committee (AB)

The nomination deadline for these positions ended as of 1 May 2015

  • AB Awards Review Committee Chair, Vice Chair, and Members-at-Large
  • AB Planning and Policy Committee Vice Chair and Members-at-Large
  • AB Finance Committee Chair
  • AB Presentation and Publicity Committee Chair and Members-at-Large
  • AB Joint Awards with National Societies Committee Chair and Members-at-Large
  • AB Nominations and Appointments Committee Members-at-Large
  • Medals Council, Technical Field Awards Council, or Recognitions Council Chair and Vice Chair


IEEE-USA positions

The nomination deadline for these positions ended 1 June 2015

  • IEEE-USA President-Elect (2017)
  • IEEE-USA Member-at-Large (2017-18)
  • IEEE-USA Secretary/Treasurer (2016)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Career & Member Services (2016)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President – Communications & Public Awareness (2016)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President - Professional Activities (2016)
  • IEEE-USA Vice President – Government Relations (2016)

IEEE Standards Association (SA)

Contact Standards Association staff for nomination information and deadlines

  • Board of Governors

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA)

Nomination deadline for committee member positions ends 1 August 2015; deadline ended for leadership positions on 15 March 2015

  • MGA Vice President/MGA Board Chair
  • MGA Treasurer
  • MGA Vice Chairs
  • MGA Committee Chairs