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The abbreviations across the top of the report are indicators of the IEEE grade.


Stats guide


HM - Honorary MemberLM - Life Member
LF - Life FellowM - Member
F - FellowPM - Pending Member
LS - Life SeniorLA - Life Associate
SM - Senior MemberA - Associate
PS - Pending SeniorStudents - Student Members

The categories on the left margin of the report are defined as:

Active Membership Last Month : The IEEE membership total of the previous month.

ElectionsNew applicants
Arrears Paid

Late dues renewing members

ReinstatementsFormer IEEE members reinstating membership after a break in active membership for a year or more
Transfers To

Indicates members who have been transferred to this grade column, e.g., a Member has been elevated to Senior Member grade

Moved Into Region

Indicates members who have moved into this IEEE geographical Region or Section

Corrections To

An administrative correction to data

Total Additions

The sum of the above stated addition categories

ArrearsMembers terminated this month for nonpayment of dues
ResignedMembers who have requested that their membership be terminated
DeceasedMembers who have died
Transfers FromIndicates members who have been transferred from this grade column e.g., a Senior Member has been elevated from Member grade.
Moved Out of RegionIndicates members who have moved from this IEEE geographical Region or Section
Corrections FromAn administrative correction to data
Total DeletionsThe sum of the above stated deletion categories
Active this MonthThe sum of the prior month's membership total plus this month's total of membership additions and deletions
Active Prior YearThe active membership statistics same month of the prior year
Loss/GainThe numeric difference from the year's membership
Loss Gain PercentageThe percentage difference from the prior year's membership
Arrears This MonthThe YTD non-renewing member loss total as of this month
Arrears Prior YearThe YTD non-renewing members loss total in prior year
Resigned This MonthMember YTD terminating IEEE membership as of this month
Resigned Prior YearMembers YTD terminating IEEE membership in prior year



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