It is IEEE policy to maintain property and liability insurance coverage to protect IEEE, its organizational units, employees, volunteers, and subsidiary entities against risk arising from IEEE business operations. (IEEE Policies, Section 11.5)

  • IEEE maintains liability insurance to protect IEEE in the event a claim is made against IEEE and/or its volunteers. 
  • IEEE volunteers are included as additional insureds on IEEE’s insurance policies while acting within the scope of their duly authorized duties.
  • Review Section 5 of the Finance Operations Manual (FOM) (PDF, 542 KB) for a summary of IEEE's insurance coverage.

Insurance considerations for OU meetings

  • If your IEEE organizational unit (OU) is planning an event that includes specific insurance requirements for IEEE within a contract, please contact the IEEE Office of Risk and Insurance Management Services (ORIMS) at ORIMS can review the contract to ensure that IEEE can satisfy the insurance requirements.
  • Likewise, it is best practice to ensure that any vendor hired by your OU maintains adequate insurance.
  • IEEE’s insurance does not provide coverage for third-party (non-IEEE) organizations that are co-sponsoring an IEEE activity. The co-sponsoring organization should maintain its own insurance at its own expense.
  • Certificates of insurance may be required by a meeting venue. Find out how to obtain a current certificate
  • Planning an activity that includes children? All volunteers who participate in IEEE activities or programs designed for children are expected to review and abide by the IEEE Guidelines for Working with Children.  Learn more.
  • If you are planning an activity that includes the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, you must contact in advance in order to ensure that the appropriate liability insurance coverage is confirmed. All applicable FAA regulations, and federal, state, and local laws, must be followed.

Traveling on international IEEE business

Traveling on IEEE business outside your country/region of permanent residence? 


All incidents that may result in an insurance claim must be immediately reported to the IEEE Office of Risk and Insurance Management Services at

Still have questions regarding insurance for your IEEE OU? Contact or +1 732 562 5541 with any questions or concerns.