IEEE Organization Roster

The IEEE Organization Roster information is divided by the different organizational units and provides the current membership rosters for each within IEEE and the IEEE Foundation Board.

The search feature provided can be used to find a specific organizational unit by title or to identify an individual by name and all his/her related affiliation/positions.


The data contained in the roster is pulled directly from the IEEE membership database and therefore reflects the most current information available from the members. Updates and corrections may be made by the individual volunteer using their IEEE Account.

As part of the duties and responsibilities of IEEE volunteers serving in officer or committee positions, personal information, including first name, last name, and email address may be disclosed on IEEE publicly accessible websites.

Access to the Roster

Access to the IEEE Organization Roster is based on current officer position or committee appointment. Any person whose name appears in any part of the Roster has access to all parts via their IEEE Account. These positions and appointments include but are not limited to:

  • Current members of the IEEE Board of Directors and IEEE Board Committees
  • Current members of the major boards and their respective committees and boards. The major boards are Educational Activities Board, Member and Geographic Activities Board, Publication Services and Products Board, IEEE Standards Association Board, Technical Activities Board, and IEEE United States of America Board
  • Current Technical Society/Council Officers and Chapter Coordinators
  • Current Region/Geographic Council/Section/Subsection and Chapter Officers
  • Current affinity group Officers, Student Branch Counselors and Chairs, and Branch Chapter Advisors
  • Current members of the IEEE Foundation Board