IEEE TA Vision & Mission Statements

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Technical Activities Vision

Technical communities working together to be the preferred home for all professionals, worldwide.


Technical Activities Mission

Inspire and engage worldwide technical communities to:

  • Foster dynamic interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Motivate participation and leadership
  • Nurture and promote leading-edge innovative ideas
  • Empower professionals with relevant knowledge and lifelong development
  • Provide value


Technical Activities Goals

  • Publications: Be the premiere provider of Open Access (OA) content.
  • Conferences: Refresh conferences (900+) with new style events.
  • Standards: Aggressively develop standards for emerging technologies.
  • Future Technologies: Be the thought leader in emerging technologies and shaping futuristic visions.

Societies and Technical Councils

IEEE Societies and Technical Councils produce over 180 publications and sponsor, co-sponsor, and technically sponsor over 1,900 conferences each year all around the world. Their members take advantage of opportunities to network with other professionals and stay technically current within their fields of interest.

An IEEE Society is a membership community within IEEE representing a specific field of interest, while Technical Councils consist of a group of Societies that share similar fields of interest.

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Technical communities

IEEE Technical Activities is home to a growing number of technical communities, each responsible for fostering new and emerging technologies. These communities are currently free to join.

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IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB)

The IEEE Technical Activities Board is the governing body of IEEE Technical Activities and is the largest of six major boards within IEEE. There are 63 voting members, which include Presidents of all 46 Societies and Technical Councils, as well as officers, Division Directors (who also sit on the Board of Directors), and chairs of key TAB committees.

IEEE TAB Hall of Honor Recognition

Many IEEE members have made enormous contributions to the success of IEEE Technical Activities (TA) over the years. Now, the IEEE Technical Activities Board is giving IEEE members a chance to recognize such colleagues through the new IEEE TAB Hall of Honor Recognition.