Elections support

Society and Council online elections support provides:

  • single-point of contact for society elections;
  • verification of candidates eligibility;
  • biographical and ballot material preparation;
  • voting site set up;
  • distribution of electronic materials to members based on member preferences (print materials distributed to members upon request);
  • tally and announcement of results.

To begin using this service, make a request to IEEE staff (society-election@ieee.org).

IEEE staff handling your election requires 12 weeks from the start of elections for receipt of election results.

For Societies and Technical Councils coordinating their own elections or making appointments that require IEEE and Society membership, it is recommended that you contact Staff to verify candidates' membership status in advance.

Petitions support

If your Society or Council would like assistance collecting petitions, you can request to use IEEE’s electronic petition service. The service:

  • collects electronic signatures for potential petition candidates;
  • allows eligible members to sign a petition electronically via their IEEE Account;
  • eliminates cross-checking against member lists or looking up or checking the eligibility in the database. There is no charge for this service.

Get started

Before you submit petition candidates, be sure to review IEEE’s specific process regarding petition candidates (see IEEE Bylaw I-307.9 and IEEE Policy, Section 13.8.3[C]).

  • Send the candidate’s name and member number, as well as active petition dates, to IEEE staff (society-election@ieee.org).
  • Staff will set up the site and provide a URL for the petition candidate to distribute to allow eligible members the opportunity to sign the petition electronically. A minimum of two business days is needed for the site setup.
  • Staff will monitor the site and provide signature counts on a weekly basis.
  • Only original signatures on paper petitions, or signatures authenticated electronically, shall be accepted and will be based on Society/Technical Council rules and regulations.

Petition nominations must be made at least 28 days before the issue date of the election.

Talk directly with IEEE staff

You are encouraged to contact IEEE staff (society-election@ieee.org) at any time to discuss your Society's election and petition requirements.