IEEE Technical Activities (IEEE-TA) is a major component of IEEE and includes all programs of the IEEE Societies and Technical Councils, as well as programs of the Technical Activities Board (TAB) and the Technical Activities Department (TAD).

You are encouraged to view all of the available information and to apply to become a part of the team.
How do I apply to become an IEEE-TA volunteer or nominate a colleague?

To nominate an IEEE member for an IEEE-TA volunteer position:

  1. Go to Technical Activities Volunteer Opportunities
  2. Locate the volunteer position (note the position term and nomination deadline)
  3. Click the link "Nominate/Apply" that is found to the right of the position's listing
  4. Complete and submit the Nomination Form
How do I submit a nomination for At-Large Members, IEEE Conferences Committee?

View details regarding Call for Nominations: At Large Members, IEEE Conferences Committee. (PDF, 50 KB)

Submit a Nomination (online form)

  1. From the dropdown menu near the top of the page, select "Nominations and Appointments" and then "TA Nominations and Appointments."
  2. After clicking on the "TA Nominations and Appointments Application" link, log in with your IEEE credentials.
  3. "Begin a New Nomination," and make sure that you select the “Members at Large, IEEE Conferences Committee” option under "TAB Position."

Deadline: 24 September 2018 (Appointed by IEEE Conferences Committee in November 2018)

How do I express interest in future opportunities?
What IEEE-TA volunteer positions are available and how do I know if I am eligible?

Please see Technical Activities Volunteer Opportunities for a list of all IEEE Technical Activities (IEEE-TA) volunteer positions. Position qualifications and requirements, deadlines for submission, and in-depth position descriptions are also listed for you.

Any IEEE member, regardless of prior work in IEEE or previously related experience, may apply by nominating himself or herself for IEEE-TA volunteer positions. A member also can nominate another IEEE member whom he or she thinks may be interested in becoming an IEEE-TA volunteer.

Where can I get more information?

Please view the Technical Activities Board (TAB) Operations Manual (PDF, 840 KB) for more information about the Technical Activities Board Nominations and Appointments Committee and to fully understand the selection processes for IEEE-TA volunteers.

What is an IEEE-TA Volunteer?

Volunteers are an essential part of the IEEE organization, and becoming an IEEE Technical Activities volunteer can be a gratifying and memorable experience.

Whether your skills and experience are suited for providing leadership, organizing conferences and meetings, financial reporting, communicating, or maintaining websites, chances are you are needed.

As a volunteer, you will be assisting IEEE-TA to achieve its core purpose, which is to foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge that benefits members, the profession, and humanity. You will also be assisting in achieving the IEEE Technical Activities vision, which is to be the most recognized and respected global organization in IEEE's fields of interest.

What are the benefits?

As an IEEE volunteer, you can take pride in participating in activities that interest you while expanding your knowledge of IEEE, gaining valuable management and leadership skills, and connecting with others in your profession.

Benefits associated with volunteer opportunities include:

  • Advancing your knowledge in all aspects of technology and the sciences
  • Helping guide the evolution of your field
  • Networking with others from around the world
  • Honing product and project management
  • Gaining confidence and developing presentation skills