US Conference Information

  • In the United States, the IEEE is exempt from paying income taxes and is also exempt from paying federal and state income taxes on conference net surpluses.  
  • In addition, IEEE is exempt from paying state sales taxes on purchases in 17 states in the US, although there may be some restrictions in some of those states. 
  • For more information on sales tax exemptions and a copy of the state exemption certificates, see US Sales Tax Exemptions. 
  • Please note that in general, conference fee revenue is normally exempt from state sales tax, but revenue received from the sale of books and other such items are subject to sales tax in most states.

Canadian Conference Information

Non-US Conference Information (Not Including Canada)

  • Outside of the US, there are other taxes that may be required to be collected by conferences, such as the Value Added Tax (VAT) and the Goods & Services Tax (GST) in Canada and Singapore.
  • There are also exemptions from paying the VAT and GST taxes but the rules are unique by country.
  • For more information regarding VAT/GST, please refer to VAT & GST Information.
  • Also, in most countries where the US has an Income Tax Treaty, IEEE is excluded from paying income taxes.
  • For more information regarding income tax treaties, please refer to Income Tax Treaty Information.

Contact Information

Please contact the IEEE Tax Department for more tax information regarding IEEE conferences: