Simple access to technical content and customized training for your organization

Staying on top of the latest research and best practices is imperative for an organization to remain at the leading edge of the field, but it can feel impossible to execute. IEEE comes alongside organizations with a ready-to-use training platform, providing highly technical training material for organizations.

The IEEE Power and Energy Society delivers premier collections of online technical resources and continuing education courses for professionals focused on power, energy, and smart grid technologies. Thousands of expert-created technical resources are available through both the PES Resource Center and the Smart Grid Resource Center platforms, enabling you to expand upon your professional development efforts and earn continuing education credits such as CEUs and PDHs. Access expert-generated educational content including courses, webinars, tutorials, and presentations from leading conferences and workshops covering topics such as:

  • Microgrid Stability Definitions, Analysis, and Modeling
  • Energy Storage Primer
  • The Definition and Quantification of Resilience
  • Electric Signatures of Power Equipment Failures
  • Smart Distribution: DA/DMS Systems and ADMS Integration with DERs and Microgrids
  • and more

The IEEE Resource Centers currently offer the following types of resources:

  • Subscription packages allowing unlimited access to all on-demand resources in an IEEE Resource Center

  • Education credit opportunities to working engineers to maintain their licenses

  • Fully customized trainings for a team, department, college, or full organization

  • In-person workshops for a team or company

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