Primary Areas of Interest

The IEEE Life Members Committee is committed to

  • responding to the need to recognize engineering achievements;
  • supporting education at all levels;
  • helping support special projects, including education and information exchange efforts, the IEEE History Center, and the IEEE Awards program.

To be considered for funding by the Life Members Committee, a project should have a clearly defined objective and usually supports the following primary areas of interest:

  • young electrical/computer engineers;
  • potential electrical/computer engineers;
  • IEEE Life members;
  • mature IEEE members not yet qualified for Life member status;
  • history of electrical/computer engineering.

Grant Review Process

All grant requests submitted to the Life Members Committee are coordinated with the submission of grants to the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors.  Under this system, proposals are submitted online and reviewed by the Foundation Grants Committee.  Proposals are judged based on merit and available funding.  Final action is taken by the Life Members Committee and/or Foundation on all proposals.

Apply for a Grant

If you feel that your Unit (Section or Chapter) has a project which fulfills the criteria identified above, you are welcome to apply for a grant through the IEEE Foundation Web page.