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The IEEE Foundation invites grant applications exclusively from IEEE organizational units for projects that address the pre-defined theme identified by the IEEE Foundation for each year. The theme aligns with the IEEE Foundation's mission to "enable IEEE programs that enhance technology access, literacy, and education." A joint committee of the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors and the IEEE Life Members Committee reviews the grant applications. Funding is provided from the IEEE Foundation Fund or IEEE Life Members Fund (LMF).

Apply for a grant from the IEEE Life Members Fund

LMF grants awarded 2015

Young Minds Know about Imaging, Water, Agriculture (Buenaventura Section): Project aims to educate the secondary and college students of the community about the use of imaging technology to record and analyze the supply, routing, processing, and usage of water in the community.

Power Collection, Dispersion, and Alternatives (IEEE-UT Dallas Student Chapter): Project will build a model of the current power grid. Using an oscilloscope, the model will demonstrate the effects of harmonics on power transmission and what happens to the transmission when loads, like home electronics, are not filtered properly. The accompanying presentation will explain the challenges of dealing with harmonics and how a percentage of generated power is wasted just to transmit it across long distances.

STEM Outreach Using Student-Built Humanoid Robots (IEEE Eastern North Carolina Section): For this project, IEEE members of the Eastern North Carolina Section (ENCS) will partner with The Forge Initiative, a regional 501(c)(3) nonprofit focusing on youth development and leadership through hands-on STE(Art)M education and community engagement.

LMF grants awarded 2016

Drones: A Limitless Future (IEEE New York Section)
The Project partners the Intrepid Museum with IEEE for a major new exhibition with programs in 2017.  It is an opportunity for the IEEE New York Section to carry out IEEE’s public imperative to raise awareness and understanding of technology and its impact on society, both locally and globally. It is also an opportunity for IEEE members to more broadly engage these activities. The IEEE New York Section joined by the Museum, the IEEE History Center, and IEEE-USA, requested support for teacher professional development (teachers will explore the technoscience behind Unmanned Aerial Devices (UAVs); secondary NYC area history and STEM teachers to participate in the program; hosting of conference and technical meeting (design a conference on the technology of drones) and IEEE membership offering (museum offering membership to IEEE members).

Celebration of the History of Television (UK and Ireland Section Life Member Affinity Group)
Project aims to inform and educate a broad cross-section of students, and others, about how the evolution of modern consumer electronics has enabled billions of people across the world to enjoy access to highly sophisticated technology at affordable cost. The project will use lectures, demonstrations, and exhibits, to show how the advances were achieved and what the future is likely to bring in the form of ever-more complex devices.

Graceful Aging with Technology (IEEE Buenaventura Section)
Project aims is to raise the public awareness of the positive impact that emerging technology can have on senior citizen in their ability to age gracefully as their mobility and cognitive functions diminish. The scope of the project includes: Public talks about Aging Gracefully with Technology; Involvement of 100 or more students from at least 2 middle schools, 3 high schools and one university with a) the development of new digital solutions using recent sensing and Internet of Things products, b) create 3D printed concepts or c) sensing technology system ideas that ease the life of a senior citizen in their home by helping them remain connected, be more mobile, be more engaged socially and be able to compensate for progressive reduction in cognitive abilities; Buenaventura LMAG to teach entrepreneurship to young and older on how to launch some of the most promising ideas; program to show middle school and high school teachers how the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) can be applied to these projects; and on-line documentation and videos posted on the IEEE Buenaventura website to explain the detailed approach that will enable other groups to duplicate or approach this project.

Virtual Histories of Disability and Technology (IEEE EMBS Ottawa Section/SSIT Ottawa Section
Project seeks to explore the historic impact of technology within our broader world as it relates to disability, through creating a series of accessible and publicly available virtual exhibits that have the potential to reach a wide and varied audience. The following task are being supported Educational Workshop; oral histories; exhibition development;  and expansion of envisioning technologies to include consideration of the blind deaf community and innovations in accessibility.

IEEE TechEthics™ Program (IEEE Technical Activities – Region 1)
The goals of the IEEE TechEthics™ program are to establish IEEE as a thought leader in conversations about ethics and the societal implications of technology and to be a trusted source of information for the general public and other audiences by:
- Providing a platform for open debate and discussion of ethics-related topics across all fields of technology
- Driving robust dialogue so that consensus building can eventually begin
- When applicable, building consensus and developing standards
- Considering differences (cultural, philosophical, regional, etc.) in these conversations
- Partnering across IEEE and with outside parties to ensure full coverage of all possible voices and document all possible opinions and trends
- Developing and curating content (videos, papers, educational material, etc.) in support of the ongoing conversation around the societal impact of technology
IEEE TechEthics™ will produce a one-day event on technology ethics, most likely on the various ethical aspects and social implications of AI and autonomous systems (date and location TBD).