On an annual basis, IEEE asks its Life members to confirm the publications and services they wish to continue to receive.

Use your IEEE Account to log in and update your Life Member Profile. Note if you have additional paid memberships and subscriptions, you will be prompted for payment information for those you wish to continue to receive for the coming year.

Life members have until the end of February each year to complete this step before access to services is suspended. Since IEEE Life membership is in perpetuity, should you decide to once again receive IEEE publications, and/or reactivate qualifying society memberships, simply let us know. The IEEE Contact Center can assist you in restoring access to your services and publications at any time.

Helpful information

About your IEEE Account
Every member has an IEEE Account that can be used to manage their profile. If you do not know your username and/or password, you can recover it from the login page. Please do not create a new account, as it will not link to your member profile. Hint: If you received an e-mail from IEEEService, check the bottom of that message for your username.

IEEE Special Interest Memberships and Subscriptions
To maximize your membership value, customize your membership with options that target your specific interests.