IEEE offers the use of our established merchant account for qualified conferences and organizational units. You can connect IEEE's merchant account information to your credit card processing application to process credit card payments.
Registration management and the IEEE merchant account

If you use a third-party registration management company, they can access the IEEE merchant account if they are PCI-compliant. 

  • Select registration service company:
    • IEEE MCM (Meeting and Conference Management) provides registration management solutions or
    • third-party registration management company.
  • Send IEEE a copy of the software vendor's certificate of PCI compliance. IEEE must receive this certificate before sending you merchant account information.
  • Contact if you are not sure if a registration management company is PCI-compliant.
Choosing a payment gateway provider

The payment gateway provider is a service that authorizes payments for businesses and encrypts sensitive information. A gateway can also provide a web interface to allow a business to integrate payment acceptance to their Web site. 

  • Select a PCI-compliant payment gateway provider that is compatible with the PNC platform for processing transactions- FDC Nashville, such as or PayFlow Pro.
How to set up credit card processing

Follow these steps to set up credit card processing: 

  1. Apply for the IEEE Merchant Lending Program.
  2. Select a payment gateway provider.
  3. Set up a Concentration Bank account (optional).
  4. Supply IEEE with PCI compliance certification. IEEE verifies the compliance, approves the application and provides a merchant terminal ID.
  5. Connect merchant terminal ID and gateway provider information to a credit card processing application.
  6. Accept credit card transactions.
  7. Receive payments and review account statements. 
Keeping credit card information secure

Credit card information has to be kept secure at all times. IEEE will verify that your registration company is PCI-compliant. You can keep credit card information secure by following IEEE guidelines when processing credit cards. 

Ready to apply for the merchant account lending program?

To apply for the merchant account lending program, just fill out the Conference Credit Card Processing Agreement form. Allow enough time to set up an account, as it take approximately one to two weeks to set up an account. 


Who do you talk to at IEEE?

For information about merchant accounts: or  +1 732 465 6495 

For information about credit card charges to attendees' accounts:
Contact your registration company 

For information about concentration banking accounts: or +1 732 465 6628 

If you believe cardholder data has been compromised or stolen, notify us immediately:
IEEE Treasury +1 732 562 5322


IEEE MCE Services:
+1 800 810 4333 (US & Canada)
+1 732 465 7810 (Worldwide)

IEEE MCE General Inquiries:
+1 855 340 4333 (US & Canada)
+1 732 562 3878 (Worldwide)

IEEE Merchant Lending Program:
+1 732 562 5391 (Worldwide)