How do I close the conference financials?

All IEEE sponsored and co-sponsored conferences are responsible for closing the conference financials within twelve months after the end of the conference.

• Repay any loans.
• Distribute surplus funds and assets.
• Close their bank accounts.
• Submit schedule of tax payments (if applicable).
• Complete the final financial report.
• Submit Certificate of Accuracy.
• Complete the audit, if required.

IEEE officially closes the conference once all of the required information has been submitted.

Distribute surplus funds and assets

Required Task for Conference Organizers All conferences must distribute surplus funds at the close of the conference bank account.

• Repay any conference loans.
• Return any surplus funds to the financial sponsor.
• Distribute all copies of the proceedings and other publications.

Close conference bank accounts

Required Task for Conference OrganizersClose the conference bank accounts after all invoices are paid and any surplus distributed. IEEE requires proof that the bank account is closed. The proof you submit depends on the conference bank account type.

Type of Bank Account Proof that Bank Account is Closed
Concentration Banking Submit a completed copy of the Concentration Banking Destroy Unused Checks form (PDF, 23 KB).
Local Bank Submit a copy of the last bank statement for the conference showing a zero balance.
Third-Party Manager  Email Conference Finance Services at to determine appropriate proof of closure.


Submit schedule of tax payments

If your conference made payments to US citizens, or takes place in the US, then you must submit schedule of payment forms to IEEE. Complete the forms shortly after the conference ends, but no later than 10 January of the next year.

  • Use the 1099 schedule to report all payments made to US citizens, or resident aliens, that would be classified as income. Do not include expense reimbursements.
  • Use the 1042 schedule to report any payments, made to non-US persons, if your conference takes place in the US. Do not complete the 1042 form if your conference takes place outside the US.

Submit final financial report

Required Task for Conference OrganizersPrepare a final financial report using the IEEE Conference Financial Web form, no later than six months after the end of the conference. Be sure to complete the Certificate of Accuracy (CoA), which is part of the financial Web form. If you cannot use the Web form, submit the CoA separately to IEEE.

light bulbThe Financial Reporting Tool Workbook (XLS, 1.4 MB) may be helpful to create your conference's
final financial report.

Audit the conference

Complete an audit of your conference, if required.

Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about how to manage your conference finances, please contact Conference Financial Services at

Do you have other questions about organizing a conference? Please contact the IEEE Meetings, Conferences, and Events Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team at

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