Concentration Banking account

Conference Finance Services recommends an IEEE Concentration Banking Account for all US-based conferences. This is an account set up through IEEE. It works just like a normal checking account. It not only meets IEEE financial requirements but lets you write unlimited checks and pays higher interest than most business accounts.

These accounts are only available in US or Canadian dollars.

Local bank account

If your conference opens a local bank account, you must:

  • Open the account with the name "IEEE d/b/a (Conference Name)" (except where prohibited by local laws)
  • Add the IEEE Senior Director of Financial Services as a signer on the bank account, if allowed by law. Contact Conference Finance Services for more information
  • Tell Conference Finance Services the details: account name, account number, bank name, and address
  • Provide a copy of the bank signature card.

Third-party ledger account

If your conference uses a third-party ledger (such as a university account) or opens an account in a name other than IEEE, you must sign a Fiscal Agent MOU.

Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about opening a conference bank account, please contact Conference Finance Services.

Do you have other questions about organizing a conference? Please see IEEE Conference Organizer Contacts.

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