Branding best practices

Branding requires consistency and a long-term approach in order to make an impression. Below are a few tips that will help you establish a brand identity for your IEEE event:

  • Connect your brand to the IEEE Master Brand Guidelines and to the brand of your conference sponsors to leverage existing recognition.
  • Identify what the conference represents, who the audience is, and the overall objectives.
  • Define the tone/voice that will be used across marketing materials.
  • Ensure all collateral material incorporates a consistent color scheme and fonts.
  • Feature a professionally-designed logo that is identifiable and representative of the conference.
  • Create and promote a tagline or “elevator pitch” that easily sums up the conference in a few words.
  • Convey the purpose of the event through imagery and materials related to the topics and technology, encouraging employers to send their employees.

IEEE brand recommendations

IEEE is the world’s most trusted source for engineering, computing, and technology professionals. Following the identity guidelines is the first step to a unified and recognizable brand experience and goes directly to the value of the IEEE brand. Below are key recommendations to use across all IEEE sponsored events:

  • The IEEE Master Brand (logo) should be included on all digital and print collateral materials in accordance with the existing visual identity guidelines and digital style guidelines.
  • Adhere to the IEEE Digital Style Guide for best practices for your event website.
  • Only the letters I-E-E-E may be used as the name of the organization.
  • For Technically Co-Sponsored events, the Technical Co-Sponsor must be displayed next to the IEEE logo.
  • The identity and logo of a Financial Sponsor must be clearly displayed.
  • Consult with the sponsoring societies or geographical units to incorporate their individual branding guidelines.

Conference branding resources


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