Once the conference begins, the conference organizers coordinate registration, manage on-site activities, and oversee the presentation of papers. Your responsibilities don't end when the conference is over. Each conference pays all bills, closes the conference bank account, submits final financial reports, and completes an audit, if required.

Manage registration

At the start of the conference, the on-site registration staff registers new attendees and issues badges, tickets, and programs. Arrange the registration area to help move attendees as quickly as possible through registration. Many conferences provide self-registration kiosks in addition to registration by a staff member. As first contact, registration staff should be prepared to answer standard attendee questions and explain conference policies regarding refunds, lost badges, press passes, and guests.

If your conference is large or complex, you may want to hire an event-management service or select an online event-management tool.

Manage on-site events

When managing on-site activities, it is important to have a good communications plan. Set up regular meetings with key people before, during, and after the conference. If your conference is large, you may want to hire an event-management service to manage on-site activities.

Manage exhibits

Exhibits provide additional activities for attendees and revenue sources for the conference. Planning and managing conference exhibits is a challenge for most conference organizers. IEEE recommends that you hire an exhibit-management company to manage your exhibit space if your conference has more than a few tabletop exhibits or has other complex requirements.

Create the conference final report

It is a smart practice to convene the conference committee for a post-conference debrief and evaluation. Taking the time to consider what worked well and areas that need attention will benefit future committees. Feedback to service providers or vendors will create a positive future relationship.

Use the Conference Final Report Checklist (DOC, 32 KB) to help you gather the information you need.

Close conference finances

The final and very important tasks for a conference are to close the conference bank accounts, distribute any surplus funds, repay any loans, and submit the schedule of tax payments. All conferences have to prepare and submit final financial reports to IEEE and complete an audit of the conference, if required.

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