Train and supervise registration staff

Required Task for Conference OrganizersBefore the conference begins, train the registration staff to handle the registration process.

  • Hold an orientation session before the conference begins.
  • Assign a staff member to supervise and be the main point of contact if the staff has issues or questions.
  • Provide written instructions on registration processes, such as receiving fees, handling cash payments, and issuing badges and tickets.
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Explain conference policies regarding refunds, lost badges, press passes, guests, and children.

Prepare the registration space

The physical layout of the registration area depends on the size of your conference and complexity of the registration process. Some conferences may need separate sections for preregistration, exhibitors, ticket purchases, and badge corrections.

If more than just a few tables or counters are required, you should consider hiring a vendor who can arrange for space.

Required Task for Conference OrganizersFurnish the registration area with:

  • Tables or counters with signs to identify areas such as preregistration pickup
  • Computers and badge printers with access to registration database
  • Supply tables for programs and other registration materials
  • Tables for attendees to complete registration forms
  • Self-service registration kiosks

If space allows, have a small office behind the registration area for staff breaks, refreshments, and counting money at the end of each day.

Accept on-site registrations

There are two types of on-site registration:

Self-registration kiosksThe conference provides computer workstations that are networked to the registration software. Attendees complete the registration form online. This is the fastest way to process large numbers of registrants.
Staff registrationAttendees give a completed form to the registration staff. The staff enters the data online, verifies membership, and processes credit cards.

During registration:

  • Allow sufficient space for on-site registration
  • Create a separate area where attendees can use self-registration kiosks or fill out registration forms
  • For large crowds, create a single line with multiple registration stations so that people move forward faster
  • Display news of sold-out or closed sessions so attendees can choose other sessions
  • Place staff members at strategic points to verify registration forms before the attendees get to the station

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