What: Manage the finances of a conference and comply with IEEE financial policies and regulations
Who: Conference Finance Chair, Treasurer
When: Begin 18 to 24 months before the start of the conference
IEEE Policies:
How do I manage conference finances?
IEEE MCE Business Operations can help you to improve the financial outcome of your conference. They can provide step-by-step guidance as you navigate the conference compliance process.
Prior to the conference, all IEEE financially-sponsored events must:
  • Submit a conference budget with approval from all IEEE financial sponsors
  • Open a conference bank account (which will be closed at the end of the conference)
  • Submit the Principles of Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest form
  • Request a conference loan (only if needed)
  • Comply with local and indirect tax regulations
  • Submit a conference committee list
Submit conference budget

Required Task for Conference OrganizersThe finance chair is responsible for the conference budget, including submitting the budget, legal and tax reporting, and closing the conference after it has occurred.

  • Conference budgets should be submitted at least one year in advance of the event unless the nature of the conference precludes this.
  • Financial sponsors must also submit written approval of the conference budget to IEEE Conference Business Operations.
  • Review your budget eight to nine months before the conference.
  • Send budget updates to IEEE. This will allow you to adjust your expenses if necessary.
Open a conference bank account

Required Task for Conference OrganizersAll conferences must open a bank account to hold all conference funds and must provide IEEE Conference Business Operations with access to it. Conference Business Operations recommends an IEEE Concentration Banking Account for all US-based conferences. 

Submit the Principles of Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest Form

Required Task for Conference OrganizersThe Conference Chair and Treasurer and anyone making business or purchase decisions for all conferences that are financially sponsored by IEEE must submit the IEEE Principles of Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest (POBC/COI) form.

Request a conference loan
You can request a conference loan from your sponsoring IEEE organization if your conference application has been approved. If your sponsoring IEEE organization approves the loan, they will contact IEEE Conference Business Operations to process the request.


Document financial transactions
Meet local and indirect tax requirements

The country or local government where your conference is held may have specific tax requirements. Contact IEEE Conference Business Operations at conference-finance@ieee.org for guidance on tax requirements for your conference.

Required Task for Conference OrganizersEach conference must comply with local taxes and indirect taxes, such as the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Canada.

Submit W-8 and W-9 Schedule of Tax Payments

If your conference plans to make payments to individuals or companies other than for expense reimbursements, then you must obtain a W-8 or W-9 form before paying for their services.

  • The W-8 form is required for non-US individuals and companies.
  • The W-9 form is required for individuals and companies who have either a US social security number or a US employer identification number. This may include independent contractors.
Hire independent contractors

You may need to hire temporary staff to help run the conference. These may include conference-management services, staff from a temporary agency, or independent contractors.

Required Task for Conference OrganizersIf your conference is held in the US or you plan to hire US people for a conference outside the US, you must get approval from IEEE to hire an independent contractor.

Obtain conference liability insurance
IEEE maintains general liability insurance to cover all conference committee members during their work on the conference, including injury, damage to rental equipment, and liability.

Required Task for Conference OrganizersThe Finance Chair is responsible for submitting the Conference Committee list to Conference Business Operations. If you later have changes to the committee, submit an updated list so that everyone on the Conference Committee is covered. 

Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about managing conference finances, please contact Conference Business Operations at conference-finance@ieee.org.

If you have other questions about organizing a conference, please contact IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE).

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