Reviewing the MOU

After you submit the IEEE Conference Application, IEEE requests confirmation of your conference sponsorship. If you have more than one sponsor for your conference, IEEE will send each sponsor a link to an online MOU form. The form is specific to your conference and is based on the sponsor information you entered in the IEEE Conference Application.

Required Task for Conference OrganizersIEEE sends the MOU to the sponsor signatory who was entered in the IEEE Conference Application. As the signatory, the person authorized to enter into contract agreements for your conference, you can: 

  • Review the MOU
  • Enter your name, title, and email address
  • Choose Approve or Decline. If you choose Decline, enter a reason for declining the MOU.

If the sponsor declines the MOU, IEEE will contact the person who submitted the application and all sponsoring representatives. IEEE will work with those mentioned to update the information in your IEEE Conference Application.

Did you submit your conference for approval using the Conference Information Schedule instead of the IEEE Conference Application? (Your conference record number would be less than 30000.) If so, you will need to create an MOU using a conference template. Contact IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events at for more information.


Basic MOU information

IEEE creates the MOU using information you entered in your IEEE Conference Application.

All MOUs include basic sponsor information, including:

  • The parties involved
  • The name of the event
  • The duration of the MOU
  • The role of each party
  • How the MOU can be terminated
  • Compliance with sponsoring entity's organization policies
  • Contact information of signing parties

Technical MOU information

All MOUs include information about the technical program responsibilities, including:

  • Each sponsor's direct and substantial involvement in developing the technical program
  • The paper review process
  • Ownership of the conference name and other intellectual property (not including the Conference, Publication copyright)
  • Whether this conference will be producing a Conference Publication
  • Ownership of the Conference Publication copyright
  • If the conference will request publication of conference proceedings in IEEE Xplore®
  • Guidelines for using the IEEE Master Brand

Financial MOU information

MOUs for financial co-sponsorships include the basic sponsorship information, information about the technical program responsibilities, and information about the financial responsibilities, such as:

  • The financial split between sponsors
  • How sponsors will share any profit/loss
  • Assignment of administrative responsibilities
  • Who appoints the conference committee chairs and other key members
  • Who is on the oversight committee
  • Who is responsible for indirect taxes, such as the Value Added Tax (VAT), when applicable

Fiscal Agent MOU

A Fiscal Agent MOU (formerly Banking MOU) is required when conference-related funds are held in an account where IEEE does not have access. Fiscal MOUs are not created automatically through ICX.

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