In general, the types of papers considered for a conference may be defined as "open call", "invited", and "solicited", or "stimulated".

Definitions of types of papers

These terms are defined by the following:

  • Open call papers are received by the Technical Program in response to the call for papers and are reviewed by the Program Committee for acceptance, if appropriate.
  • Invited papers are those specifically requested from well-known authorities.
  • Solicited or stimulated papers are those that result from requests by Program Committee members to groups or individuals working in particular areas of interest.

Open call papers are very important to the overall quality of the conference. The proper professional review of the papers as to quality of contents and level of preparedness is critical to the quality of a conference. In soliciting all types of papers, as much information as possible should be elicited that will make such a thorough review feasible.

The invited papers and solicited papers are important as well, especially to the presentation of new, unusual, or highly specialized topics. In most instances, however, invited papers should be held to a minimum, while a significant number of solicited papers may be used as "seed papers" in several of the sessions that can then be filled out with open call papers.

If a call for papers is issued, the Program Committee should work closely with Publicity and Public Relations to advertise. IEEE Conference Business Services will upload information to the Call for Papers page on the IEEE Web site. The general public can browse the IEEE Web site for current Call for Papers deadlines by date and/or sponsoring organizations.

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