Set the agenda

When setting the agenda, you must plan for the available space and set the time for each session. You can schedule poster sessions for any papers that were accepted but can't be presented due to lack of time or space.

After the agenda is set, provide the authors and session chairs with any information needed for their presentations. This could include the location, time, duration of the presentation, and special arrangements. Try to avoid having similar presentations scheduled in different locations at the same time, as the same audience may want to attend both sessions.
Many authors are not comfortable speaking in front of an audience. You can set up a practice room where they can rehearse.

Conference presentation types

Conference presentations are organized into different categories:
The presentation of papers is the most common session at most conferences. Each author should have at least ten minutes to present his or her paper and at least five minutes for questions and answers.
Panels focus on a specific topic and usually include a chair and three or four speakers.
Multiple Presentations
You can schedule multiple presentations of selected papers to allow more attendees to hear popular papers or to ease problems with scheduling.
Poster Sessions
A poster is a visual representation of an author's scientific research. The purpose of the poster is to outline a piece of work in a form that can be quickly and efficiently communicated with the intention of stimulating interest and discussion. The presenters must be available to discuss their posters with other attendees. The most effective poster sessions allow enough time for each attendee to meet with a significant number of the poster presenters.
Workshops and Tutorials
By adding workshops and tutorials, you can provide additional opportunities for training on specific topics.

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