How do I prepare papers for IEEE Xplore?

The Publication Chair will:

  • Request setup for an IEEE PDF eXpress® or IEEE PDF eXpress Plus® site (optional tools)
  • Provide tools for creating and reviewing PDF files
  • View papers for compliance
  • Create the packing list using the IEEE Packing List Generator
  • Copy all files to a CD, DVD, or USB

IEEE provides information to help you prepare your papers for publication.

Hire a publications service

You may want to hire a publications service. They can help you prepare conference papers for IEEE Xplore and distribution at your conference.

Set up a PDF eXpress or PDF eXpress Plus Web site

The easiest way for your authors to create IEEE Xplore-compliant files is for the Publication Chair to request a PDF eXpress site. PDF eXpress is a free, online tool from IEEE that helps authors create IEEE Xplore-compliant PDF files.

Provide tools for creating and reviewing PDF files

IEEE provides tools to help you ensure that technical papers are IEEE formatted properly for inclusion in IEEE Xplore

Tool Description
Adobe Distiller Settings Authors can create compliant PDF files by using these settings. Some settings are required, while others are recommended or suggested.
Supplemental Electronic Material Metadata Capture Tool Authors can use this tool to automate the process of creating links in their PDF file that access their supplemental electronic material.
Pitstop Professional and Pitstop Server Profiles Conferences can use these tools to test and correct PDF files. Pitstop Pro is a manual editing tool that allows you to correct last-minute problems in PDF files and make them suitable for production. Pitstop Server allows you to automate inspection and correction of PDF files.
Packing List Generator This tool allows you to identify all PDFs by content type, which ensures that all files can be accounted for during processing.
Request that your authors add the appropriate footers to their PDF files before submitting them to PDF eXpress. This is needed to ensure IEEE Xplore compatibility.

Review papers for IEEE Xplore compliance

Required Task for Conference OrganizersReview all submitted PDF files to make sure they adhere to the IEEE specifications for your conference and IEEE Xplore.

Create the packing list

The packing list contains the list of files you would like posted to IEEE Xplore. IEEE uses this list to verify that all the PDFs in the packing list are on the disc. It also provides other information required by IEEE so that you can avoid delays in processing your files.

Required Task for Conference OrganizersAlways use the IEEE Packing List Generator to create the packing list. Remember to include all files you wish to be posted to IEEE Xplore when creating the packing list. In addition to the technical papers, please include copyright page, title page, table of contents, and author index. Please ensure that all paper file names are less than 50 characters.

If you have a policy that non-presented papers will not be posted to IEEE Xplore, you can indicate suppressed papers when creating the packing list. Papers can only be withheld if authors were informed in advance that papers not presented at the conference will not be published in IEEE Xplore.

Use the Packing List Checker

Required Task for Conference OrganizersAlways use the IEEE Packing List Checker (ZIP, 719 KB) to validate the packing list prior to submission. The Packing List Checker tool should be used anytime a change is made to the packing list.

Submit your files

Required Task for Conference OrganizersIEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) offers a faster, simpler way to submit your conference publication to the IEEE Xplore digital library. Please submit your final conference publication in IEEE Xplore-compliant format, as well as conference content that was distributed to your conference attendees, electronically by zip file upload.   

After the conference, when you are ready to send your conference publication to IEEE, please upload to the IEEE Conference Publication Electronic Submission platform. Further details about this process can be found at the link provided above.

Search for a conference title in IEEE Xplore

IEEE has spreadsheets of all conference titles found, or soon to be found, in IEEE Xplore. These lists are fully searchable and include data such as conference titles, meeting dates and locations, ISBNs (if applicable), and subscription package information. These spreadsheets are updated frequently and the last update is listed for each spreadsheet.

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Do you have other questions about organizing a conference? Please contact IEEE MCE.

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