There are many different opportunties to promote a conference.

What is publicity?

Use of news media, blogs & Web sites as a conduit to reach your target audience(s).

  • trade/industry/scientific news outlets
  • high-profile business/financial media
  • local newspapers, radio, and TV stations
  • social media
  • advertising (can be considered an element of publicity)

Promoting your conference

It is important not to confuse news with advertising. News is free – editors do not charge for writing about your conference; however, you cannot control what they write.

Advertising is paid – a publication or a Web site charges a specific amount for a specified ad size. You have full control of the message.

Consider advertising your conference, or working with journalists to gain news coverage, in the following types of media outlets:

  • society & other technology professional magazines
  • geographic & technical newsletters
  • national press (newspapers, technology professional publications, etc.)
  • newspapers
  • radio
  • television
  • promotions at related conferences
  • arrange for mailing of the calls for papers, publicity mailing lists, and local publicity of the advanced program

Why publicity is necessary

Publicity will:

  • help build awareness and interest in a news conference;
  • help maintain the stature and prestige of an existing conference;
  • increase paid attendance; 
  • generate interest in presenting and exhibiting; 
  • promote a wider exchange of significant technical information; 
  • recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations.


The Conference Organizer staff greatly appreciates Chris Burke, President, BtB Marketing Communications and Gary Dagastine, Dagastine & Co. Public Relations for presenting a portion of this material as part of their presentation Publicizing Your Conference (PDF, 1471 KB) at the 2008 Panel of Conference Organizers.

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