What: Manage publicity and public relations for the conference through branding, website management, email marketing, social media, and more
Publicity & Public Relations Chair
When: 9 to 12 months before the conference
IEEE Policies:
10.1.16 - Naming of IEEE Conferences
10.1.17 - Use of the IEEE Logo
10.1.21 - IEEE Services and Publicity

Publicize your conference

Reaching new audiences is essential to increase registration, participation & brand awareness for your event. Adding basic marketing techniques to a traditional approach to organizing an event can have big impact both in building your community and in positive financial results. To get started, identify different channels and communication methods to reach new audiences. Consider various mediums including:

  • A website or landing page with conference details
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media and digital advertising

What is the role of a Publicity Chair?

The Publicity & Public Relations Chair is responsible for building awareness of a conference and increasing paid attendance. Typical tasks include: 

  • Communications plan creation
  • Manage lists of past and potential attendees
  • Create key messages, press releases, and other written material
  • Work with journalists and news outlets to publicize the conference
  • Social media for conference
  • Follow IEEE branding guidelines
  • Provide guidance for website content
  • Establish brand identity for conference
  • Create and communicate offers and incentives
  • Engaging Conference Committee to help share information

IEEE resources to promote your event

One of the many benefits of an IEEE conference is the strong existing network of societies, chapters, sections, and affinity groups around the world. These groups exist in regions worldwide and allow conferences to reach people based on different attributes, such as student groups, diversity groups, and local networks.

Below are a few resources to leverage the strong built-in community within IEEE:

  • eNotice
  • Collabratec
  • Society & region newsletters, websites, and event listings IEEE Media, IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events

Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about publicizing your conference or have other questions about organizing a conference, please contact IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events at ieee-mce@ieee.org.

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New: IEEE MCE Conference Education Program

Watch IEEE Conferences Committee Past Chair William Moses's overview of the Conference Education Program:

IEEE Conferences Committee Chair William Moses overviews the conference education program in this video.

If you have any questions or want further information, please contact mce-education@ieee.org.

MCE Contact Information

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