Site selection for the larger conferences is usually done three to five years in advance, often before the complete Conference Committee is formed.

See How to Plan an IEEE Conference: Checklist & Timeline (PDF, 419 KB) for more information.

Criteria for site selection

Some of the criteria for the selection of the conference site are:

  • Local industry or university support.
  • Support and involvement of the local IEEE Organizational Unit.
  • Easy domestic and international accessibility to conference location. 
  • Appeal of local attractions/climate including the season of the event.
  • Accessibility for differently-abled attendees or attendees with special needs. See Addressing the Needs of Your Attendees for more information.
  • Hotel facilities that can accommodate meeting room requirements and sleeping room needs. Large conferences must book a facility at least three years in advance.
  • Nearby overflow hotels for additional meeting space and to provide alternative (generally less expensive) lodging for attendees.
  • Concurrent events which may impact the conference.
  • Environmental performance of the meeting facility and/or hotel.

Negotiating contracts

After the completion of the site selection process, contracts must be written for the space required. Below are some key factors when negotiating a contract.

  • room rates
  • complimentary rooms
  • upgrades
  • staff rooms
  • meeting space
  • exhibit space rental
  • parking
  • cancellation clause
  • amenities
  • cut/off date
  • telephone surcharge
Several standard hotel contacts have been negotiated with major North American chains. Please note that contracts valued over US$25,000 must be forwarded to IEEE for review & execution. All others will be reviewed upon request.
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