How do I run a conference?

You’ve decided to hold a conference. The information on this page will help you get started, set up the business arrangements, manage the conference, and make sure you have met all IEEE requirements.

Conference approval

Your conference must be reviewed and approved by IEEE before you can promote IEEE sponsorship or use the IEEE brand. After your conference is approved, your conference will be listed on the IEEE Conference Search and IEEE Call for Papers.

Pre-conference planning

Most conferences start preparing a minimum of 12 to 18 months before the conference date. Some of the pre-planning is done before you apply to IEEE for approval, such as getting sponsorship and defining the technical program. Many IEEE organizational units (Section, Societies, Technical Councils, etc.) have their own processes that must be completed to obtain sponsorship approval. You are encouraged to check with each sponsoring IEEE organizational unit before submitting your conference to IEEE.

You’ll need to prepare a budget, negotiate contracts with vendors, and plan registration. Most importantly, you need to plan the technical program and prepare papers for publication. IEEE Conference Services can support you at all stages of the planning process, providing information, resources, service, and tools, or to answer questions. Best practice has shown that earlier engagement with IEEE results in smoother execution and a simpler path for the conference committee.

Conference management

During the conference, you have to coordinate registration, manage on-site activities, and manage the presentation of papers.

Conference closing

All conferences that are financially sponsored or co-sponsored by IEEE are responsible for closing the conference financials within twelve months after the end of the conference. You will distribute any funds, close bank accounts, prepare an audit if required, and submit final financial reports.
If your conference is in its second (or 20th) year, and you are familiar with the conference process, go to the Setting Up an Annual Conference page for a checklist of the things you have to do each year. Refer to the Activities by Role or Committee page and other conference organizer pages for more information on running a conference.

Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about starting a new conference or other questions about organizing a conference, contact the IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team at

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