IEEE Conference Publication Hub LogoThe IEEE Conference Publication Hub is a comprehensive, reasonably priced conference peer review and proceedings production system, integrating each technical program development and publishing step from call-for-papers through peer review and production of your conference proceedings publication to delivery of the proceedings to IEEE Xplore®.

The Hub is powered by select partners of IEEE MCE (Meetings, Conferences & Events): MP Associates powers the peer review toolset, and IEEE Conference Publishing Services (CPS) powers the publication assembly toolset, including PDF conversion/validation, copyright transfer, collection of conference and author metadata, and production of the final conference proceedings publication. Please fill out the simple inquiry form, and you will receive a detailed quote within one to two business days.SaveSave

Helpful hints on ensuring content quality

Here are some things your Technical Program Committee should be on the lookout for:

  • Papers outside the stated subject matter scope of the conference
  • Papers outside IEEE's core subject areas
  • Papers that are poorly written
  • Papers that lack some or all of the basic elements commonly found in scientific research papers
  • Papers that lack novelty or originality
  • Fraudulent content, e.g. plagiarism

Further guidance on how to ensure a high-quality conference proceedings is available in this White Paper.

IEEE's preferred tool for plagiarism screening: CrossCheck

In order to screen for the risk of plagiarism, conference organizers are encouraged to use CrossCheck as early as possible during the paper review process. Since CrossCheck detects content similarities that may turn out to be problematic, IEEE encourages technical program committee chairs to screen their authors' submissions prior to publishing the proceedings. This will allow the chair to take any necessary editorial actions without delaying the publication of the proceedings and, more importantly, the posting of the proceedings in IEEE Xplore.

IEEE conference technical program committee chairs can register for CrossCheck through the CrossCheck Portal.