PDF eXpress is a tool that conferences can provide to their authors.  Individually, authors can have their PDFs checked for Xplore-compatibility or have their source documents converted to Xplore-compatible PDFs.

Conference eXpress is a range of publishing services that begins with the conversion of author-supplied source documents to guaranteed Xplore-compliant PDFs.

Which eXpress works for your conference?



Conference eXpress

PDF eXpress

  What are the

  • Finished proceedings
  (such as Xplore-only submission,
  electronic masters, internet access,
  printed books, CD/DVD/USB) 
  • Full compliance with IEEE
  acquisition requirements

  Individual IEEE Xplore®-
  ready PDFs to authors

  Is project

Yes (see below for an overview
of project management)


  Is it free?



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  Request an estimate (DOC, 80
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  publishing needs.
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*Deliverables are the products and/or services a conference organizer can expect from the eXpress process.

What does project management include?

Customization / Coordination

• Establish an individual conference proceedings production plan
• Identify milestones and coordinate schedules for seamless author interface (notably between registration and production)
• Develop communication strategy among conference organizers, registration services, authors, and IEEE staff to meet goals
• Offer optional design and editorial services for page layout, program proofreading, customized cover creation

Collection / Creation

• Create and maintain customized on-line author instructions that provide all final submission requirements and links to conference and registration as indicated during customization
• Convert author source files to Xplore-compliant PDFs while retaining highest file quality:
     - Type 3 fonts converted to Type 1 fonts, which both improves the file’s screen appearance and reduces its size
     - Maintain color in file as created by the author
• Collect and log IEEE Copyright forms
• Enable organizers to collect  ID codes, registration codes, and other metadata

Communication / Compliance

• Inform authors of submission status (account creation, receipt of submission, conversion completion, approval status)
• Keep log of manuscript receipts, copyright compliance, and author metadata, and provide regular updates to conference organizer
• Review receipts to conference-provided list of acceptances
• Comply with requirements as stipulated in the IEEE Letter of Acquisition on behalf of conference

Delivery: During its entire operation for a quarter century, IEEE eXpress has not missed a single conference date delivery.

  • On behalf of the conference, IEEE eXpress will submit the proceedings to IEEE Abstract and Indexing and to IEEE Xplore.  

Note: Elsevier will include IEEE Xplore technical conference articles in its EI Compendex if they are full-text and written in English.

  • Additionally, as indicated by agreement with conference, coordinate the delivery of product/s to conference site and/or other locations.

Request an Estimate for Conference eXpress service (DOC, 80 KB)