The immediacy and reach of online delivery enables conferences to multiply the impact of their content many times over. For instance, more than 24,000 researchers a day visit IEEE Xplore®, the IEEE's premier online delivery vehicle, downloading more than two million articles and papers every month. With online publishing:

  • The value of information from today's conference lasts long after the event
  • The audience for this information extends far beyond the conference attendance

IEEE's new submission standards meet full-text Portable Document Format (PDF) submission specifications markedly improving display quality and value of conference documents available through IEEE Xplore.

IEEE is now accepting files that meet these standards. Beginning in 2005, conferences financially sponsored by the IEEE or one of its organizations must provide a compliant PDF record, without exception.

Full-text PDFs offer significant improvements over bitmapped images scanned from print:

  • Font display is sharper
  • Charts and photos can be shown in their original colors
  • Documents are searchable using Adobe Acrobat's built-in text-finding feature
  • Streamline processing
  • Reduce errors
  • Offer authors more control over their work
  • Provide consistency in all published proceedings documents
    • Print
    • CD-ROM/DVD
    • Articles delivered via IEEE Xplore

These features are imperative as IEEE participates in initiatives like CrossRef, a collaborative reference linking service of more than 100 publishers.

Benefits to Conference Organizers

  • Faster time to market
  • Documents can be available in IEEE Xplore sooner
  • Opportunity for increased circulation of content
  • Longer shelf life for the proceedings
  • Searchable PDFs can be included in initiatives such as CrossRef
  • Extends the reach and value of your papers

Resources for Conference Organizers
IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing offers a full range of publishing services for conference proceedings, including:

  • Collection of all files, including author copyright transfer agreements
  • Conversion of author files to IEEE-compliant PDFs
  • Assistance in publication of conference records in any media
  • Timely delivery of PDFs to Xplore on behalf of the conference

If you have any questions about the new submission standards, contact us at: