For more than a quarter century, IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing has been satisfying the needs of conferences large and small, domestic and global. We are honored to share comments from new and return clients alike, representing conferences of different sizes. 

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Client Experience

New Conference; New OrganizerBSYM     CCPR     CISP    UGIM
Return Conference; New OrganizerIAS Annual Meeting     SiRF     IWQoS

Return Conference; Return Organizer


Number of Proceedings Articles

Fewer than 50 articles


50–100 articles

CCPR     SiRF     UGIM

150–650 articles

IAS Annual Meeting      ICCCN      VTC

More than 1000 articles




“Thank you very much for lending us your expertise in designing and creating the conference CDs. We are pleased to report that the Symposium and the Conference went very well.” Full testimonial (PDF, 117 KB)

Arun Ross
Associate Professor, West Virginia University (BSYM 2008)


“. . . According to the schedule that they sent to us, it was very clear what we should do at what time. And every progress report from them indicated the next steps to do. The project manager in charge of our conference . . . showed extreme patience and skill in responding to our queries and managing the manuscripts and copyright forms, as well as in editing the eBook of the proceedings . . .  We surely will return to IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing for our future CCPR events.” Full testimonial (PDF, 83 KB)

Cheng-Lin Liu
Program Co-Chair, CCPR

“.  .  . The IEEE eXpress staff provided professional services of the highest standards with reasonable costs. We were most impressed with their timeliness, error-free handling of large numbers of papers, patience and courtesy with many requests from authors and the organizers.” Full testimonial (PDF, 20 KB)

Lipo Wang 
Chair, Steering Committee 

“. . . IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing clearly demonstrates the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’. Every detail for the entire publication production is taken care of: from making sure the proper forms are filled out, communicating with the conference manager and designated committee contacts, coordinating with other conference services, such as registration, to making sure the best possible product is produced. The staff is extremely conscientious regarding the policies and procedures of IEEE, which is one of the greatest benefits of working with IEEE eXpress versus other vendors. The sizes of the conferences vary but the work ethic is always the same. They have consistently delivered a suitable product for each of our conferences, and always on time.  . . .” Full testimonial (PDF, 86 KB)

Gayle Weisman
Senior Conference Planner, IEEE Communications Society

IAS Annual Meeting

“The IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual meeting has relied on the publishing services of IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing for over a dozen years to gather the papers and prepare the conference CD . . . Having worked directly with them in 2007 and 2008, I can personally state that they did an outstanding job creating the master schedule, communicating with the conference organizers, helping the authors, and in delivering the final product.  . . .” Full testimonial (PDF, 185 KB)

Tom Nondahl
Chair, 2007 & 2008 IEEE IAS Annual Meetings


“The high quality publication work of the ICCCN proceedings would not have been possible without your timely, diligent, highly-organized, and professional teamwork . . . We are looking forward to working with your group for ICCCN Proceedings production for many years to come.” Full testimonial (PDF, 112 KB)

E. K. Park
Steering Committee Chair, ICCCN


“I would like to mention that the cooperation with the IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing team was very good and productive and the services provided by IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing were excellent and delivered according to the agreed planning.” Full testimonial (PDF, 94 KB)

Georgios Karagiannis
Organizational Chair, IWQOS 2008


“. . . They produce very high quality products at a reasonable cost while being extremely professional. They were able to handle the details to allow me, as the publication chair, to focus on higher level details. They were very flexible and able to adapt quickly when situations arose that needed their attention.” Full testimonial (PDF, 91 KB)

Bill Chappell
Publications Chair, 2008 & 2009 IEEE SiRF


“Our conference finished yesterday and I wanted to thank you for all for your help in making it such a success! Our proceedings were wonderful!! Thank you again for helping me through everything! The next UGIM Symposium will be held at Purdue in 2010. I spoke with John Weaver and highly recommended using your service for their proceedings as well!” Full testimonial (PDF, 116 KB)

Belinda Horan
Administrative Associate, UGIM 2008


“For eight years the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society has used IEEE Conference eXpress for the electronic publishing of its conference proceedings.
“VTS prides itself in providing good membership value, and top quality technical publication is a significant part of this. We have been very pleased with the consistently high standards of IEEE Conference eXpress. In particular, timely publication of conference material is extremely important to authors—through pre-conference tagging, IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing helped us get the 650 papers for our flagship conference, VTC, onto Xplore within a week of the conference this year.  . . .” Full testimonial (PDF, 97 KB)

James Irvine
President, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

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