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To do a basic search, enter some search terms. For example:

  • Prague
  • Conference
  • Sustainability

This will search for documents containing the words Prague, Conference, or Sustainability.

If multiple words are entered, conferences containing the entire phrase are searched for unless boolean operators (discussed below) are included. For example, if “Prague Conference” is entered (without quotes), all conferences containing this phrase are searched for.

Boolean searching

Boolean operators allow terms to be combined for more advanced searches. The terms OR, AND, and NOT are supported.

Boolean operator "OR"

The OR operator links two terms and finds a matching document if either of the terms exist in a document. Note, the symbol | can be used in place for the word OR. To search for conferences that contain either "sustainable energy" or "wind energy," for example, use the query:

(sustainable energy) OR (wind energy)


(sustainable energy) | (wind energy)

Boolean operator "AND"

The AND operator matches conferences where both terms are in the text of the conference. This is a more restrictive search than an OR search. To search for documents that contain "sustainable energy" and "wind energy," use the query:

(sustainable energy) AND (wind energy)

Boolean operator "NOT"

The NOT operator excludes conferences that have the term(s) after NOT. The ~ symbol can be used in place of the word NOT. To search for conferences that contain "sustainable energy" but not "wind energy," use the query:

(sustainable energy) NOT (wind energy)


(sustainable energy) ~ (wind energy)

Note: The NOT operator must be used with multiple terms. For example, the following search will return no results: NOT "wind energy"


Search terms can be grouped using parentheses for sub-queries. For example, to find results about conferences on sustainability in different locations, try the following:

(Prague OR London OR Paris) AND sustainability

Further explanation of the Boolean operators OR and AND is noted in the "Boolean Operators" section above.

Wildcard searches

Wildcard searches permit searches for partial words. The single character wildcard (“_”) search looks for terms matching the search text except for the wildcard character. For example, to search for "text" or "test," use the following search term:


Multiple character wildcard (“%”) search looks for terms that have 0 or more characters in place of the wildcard character, with all other characters being the same. For example, to search for “test,” “tests,” or “tester,” use the following search term:


Wildcard searches can also be used in the middle of a term as follows:


Proximity searches

Proximity searches find words that are close to each other. For example, to find results for "sustainable" and "energy" when they occur close to each other, use the following search phrase:

sustainable ; energy


sustainable NEAR energy

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