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2012 5th International Advanced Research Workshop on "In Silico Oncology and Cancer Investigation"

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  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

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  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems - NTUA

Cancer is a natural phenomenon and as such it should be amenable to mathematical and computational description. Clinically driven complex multiscale cancer models can produce rather realistic spatio-temporal simulations of concrete clinical interventions such as radio-chemotherapy applied to individual patients. Clinical data processing procedures and computer technologies play an important role in this context. Following clinical adaptation and validation within the framework of clinico-genomic trials, models are expected to enhance individualized treatment optimization. The latter constitutes the long term goal of the emergent scientific, technological and medical discipline of in silico oncology. Treatment optimization is to be achieved through experimentation in silico i.e. on the computer. Moreover, provision of insight into tumour dynamics and optimization of clinical trial design and interpretation constitute short- and mid-term goals of this new domain.


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22 Oct - 23 Oct 2012



Royal Olympic ( Hotel)
28-34 Athanasiou Diakou Str.
117 43, Athens, GREECE
Tel.: +30 210 92.88.400
Athens, Greece


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Georgios Stamatakos
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, , National Technical University of Athens
Iroon Polytechniou 9
Zografos Greece 157 80
+30 210 772 2287
+30 210 772 3557 (fax)


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