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2013 IEEE International Conference on Big Data

IEEE sponsors:

  • IEEE Computer Society

Other sponsors:

  • International Society of Granular Computing - GrC Society

Extremely large, diverse, and complex data sets are generated from scientific instruments, sensors, social media, Internet and other applications. End-to-end management, analysis, and visualization of these large, distributed and heterogeneous data sets has been a major challenge impeding scientific discovery and technological advancement. The 2013 IEEE international Conference on Big Data will provide the scientific community a dedicated forum for discussing state-of-the-art research, development, and deployment efforts for the end-to-end management, storage, sharing, analysis, and visualization of very large data sets. The BigData2012 workshop will be an excellent forum to help the community define the current state, determine future goals, and present architectures and services for future data management technologies supporting Big Data and data-intensive computing.


Conference Details


06 Oct - 09 Oct 2013



Silicon Valley, CA, USA



Xiaohua Hu
College of Information Science and Technology
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia PA USA 19104
+1 215 895 0551


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Call for Papers for Conference Authors

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Abstract submission deadline: 02 Jun 2013

Final submission deadline: 07 Oct 2013

Notification of acceptance date: 09 Sep 2013