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2013 International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ISPACS)

IEEE sponsors:

  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

Other sponsors:

  • Tokyo City University - Department of Biomedical Engineering

The scope of ISPACS 2013 covers the following fields: (1)Communication Systems (Radio Propagation and Channel Modeling, Communication Theory, Antenna and Propagation, Wideband Communications, Wireless Systems, Intelligent Communication Systems and Network Protocols and Others),(2)Multimedia and Systems (Speech Processing and Coding, Video Processing and Coding, Video and Multimedia Technology & Communications, Audio/Acoustic Signal Processing and Others), (3)Signal Processing (Digital Filters, Wavelets and Multirate Signal Processing, Adaptive, Non-linear Signal Processing, Intelligent Signal Processing, Security Signal Processing and Others), (4)VLSI (Analog and Digital ICs for Communications, Low Power Design & VLSI Physical Synthesis, Modeling, Simulation and CAD Tools, VLSI Architecture for Signal Processing and Others), (5)Circuits and Systems (Analog Circuits, Filters and Data Conversion, Analog and Mixed Signal Processing, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Processing and Others).


Conference Details


12 Nov - 15 Nov 2013



Okinawa-jichikaikan (Okinawa Municipal Center)
116-37, Asahicho
Naha-shi, Japan


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Yoshio Itoh
4-10 Kosancho-minami
Tottori-shi Japan 680-8552


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Please see the conference Web site for full details.

Call for Papers for Conference Authors

Find details for paper and abstract submission.

Abstract submission deadline: 14 Jun 2013

Final submission deadline: 21 Sep 2013

Notification of acceptance date: 23 Aug 2013