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NetSuite logoIEEE needs to be diligent regarding its compliance with current federal, state, and local financial regulations.

As a result, IEEE Finance has selected NetSuite, a cloud-based web application, to ensure that processes are streamlined and that audit requirements are met across the IEEE Enterprise (MGA, Standards & Conferences)


Benefits for conference organizers

NetSuite can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. This provides organizers with greater flexibility and choice in how, when, and where they log transactions and assess the financial status of their event. It also provides multi-currency and language support to simplify use, regardless of where a conference is held.

Real-time reports on financial activity are available throughout the life of the conference, providing increased financial analysis and control. Historical data for annual conferences will help organizers and financial sponsors to plan and manage conference budgets.

With all transactions in a single report, conference closing and audits can be completed in a greatly accelerated manner.


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Using NetSuite to record conference transactions

NetSuite is used to record all your financial transactions; however, NetSuite is not currently an online banking tool. Organizers can utilize NetSuite for documenting conference finance activities, including:

  • Recording all revenue and expense items
  • Recording all fund transfers (between conference bank accounts)
  • Producing your conference’s final financial report

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Conference budgeting with NetSuite

Conferences should continue with the current ICX process for budgeting and forecasting. The IEEE MCE Conference Operations team will migrate ICX budget information and subsequent updates into NetSuite on behalf of conferences.


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Conference reporting with NetSuite

You will be able to run the following reports in NetSuite:

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Budget versus actual

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NetSuite accounts for conferences

The IEEE MCE Business Operations team will set up a unique NetSuite account for your conference and will assist you with any questions you may have.


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Learn more about NetSuite

Webinars will be held periodically to review the major features and functions.

There are currently no webinar sessions scheduled.


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Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help.

If you have questions about reporting conference finances with NetSuite, please contact your designated financial analyst or Conference Business Operations ( at +1 732 562 3878.

If you have other questions about organizing a conference, please contact the IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events Customer Relationship (CRM) team at .

Do you have feedback on the information on this page?

  • Is there missing or incorrect information?
  • Do you have a tip to share?

Please send your feedback to the Customer Relationship Management team (


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IEEE Conferences Committee Chair William Moses overviews the conference education program in this video.

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IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) are available to assist you with any questions.

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