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The Call for Papers is a public solicitation of papers for the conference. Unless you are limiting the conference to invited speakers, you will need to publish a call for papers. There are three methods for inviting speakers to participate in your conference.

Method Description
Open Call Received in response to the Call for Papers and reviewed for acceptance.
Invited Requested from well-known authorities. May be reviewed at the discretion of the Program Chair.
Solicited or stimulated Requested from groups or individuals working in particular areas of interest. May be reviewed at the discretion of the Program Chair.

To complete the Conference Call for Papers, you will need:

  • Conference title
  • Names of sponsors
  • Dates and location of the conference
  • Deadline for submission of abstract or paper
  • Description of the conference topic
  • Format for submitting abstract or paper
  • Address for submissions
  • Deadline for submission of final papers
  • Website URL
  • Policy for accepted papers not presented at the conference (see Handling of Non-Presented Papers page)
  • Contact information.

light bulbMake sure you provide invited and solicited authors with the information in the Call for Papers so that they know the procedures and deadlines.

The information about your Call for Papers will appear in the IEEE Call for Papers Deadlines.


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