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Who attends POCO?

POCO attendees are Conference Organizers from all around the world who hold a range of roles: Vice President of Conferences for a Society; Conference Coordinators from each Region; Conference Chairs for a Section; Conference Chairs for a particular conference; or Meeting Management Professionals working on behalf of an IEEE conference.


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Why should I attend POCO?

POCO offers a unique perspective on IEEE Conference organization. Because all of the attendees have either organized or will organize an IEEE Conference, POCO is the perfect opportunity to learn tricks of the trade, network with your peers, and learn how hosting an IEEE Conference can promote your field, society and technical fields around the world. We include sessions you won’t find at any other IEEE Conference or Meeting.


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I attended POCO last year. Should I come again?

Absolutely. The conference business is dynamic, and each year, POCO connects you with the latest trends in the industry and the newest developments in IEEE Conferences.


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Is attendance at POCO required to organize an IEEE Conference?

Attending POCO is not a requirement to organize an IEEE Conference, however it is strongly recommended.


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What does POCO cost?

There is no registration fee for POCO, and meals are provided. Check with your IEEE Organizational Unit (OU) for approval prior to registration, if you'd like to be reimbursed for travel and lodging.


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Do I have to stay in the hotel where POCO is being held?

Not at all. We negotiate the very best rates we can through the hotel for our Conference Organizers. However, we encourage you to make whatever arrangements you find most comfortable.


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Can I get copies of the presentations before the conference? After?

Presentations are made available online shortly after POCO, most are available during the event.


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How do I become a speaker at POCO?

Thank you for your interest. Please contact us with your idea.


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Will I have time to myself at POCO?

Of course. We choose our host cities each year because of their accessibility to mass transportation, and variety of dining, entertainment and other activities. We wouldn’t want you to miss it.


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Will there be opportunities for networking?

Networking is a key component of POCO. Each POCO features an opening night reception, several break-out sessions and a wide array of additional opportunities for getting to know your peers. We hope to encourage building a global IEEE community of conference organizers who collaborate, support and share knowledge and best practices.


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