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An IEEE Conference Proceeding is the official record of an IEEE Conference. It is a collection of documents, paper or electronic, that corresponds to the papers accepted for presentation at the conference, along with additional information such as title and copyright pages that identifies the collection as a set or group.

Conference proceedings must be prepared according to the following specifications. This will ensure that papers are prepared and submitted as Xplore-compatible PDFs for distribution through the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

View IEEE PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore (ZIP, 970 KB). 

Below are three options to ensure that PDFs are created in the correct format.


Preparation by IEEE

IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing and Conference Publishing Services (CPS), a division of IEEE Computer Society, both offer fee-based publishing services specializing in preparation of PDFs for the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Click on the link above to contact the preferred IEEE publishing group.


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Preparation by a qualified third-party vendor

Xplore-compliant PDFs may be prepared by a third-party vendor. The vendor should review the IEEE Xplore requirements and confirm its capability to deliver an Xplore-compliant package of files. IEEE Publishing Technology Resources are available for assistance.


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Preparation by an IEEE conference organizer

Conference organizers whose authors are preparing their own PDFs must first register their conference for IEEE PDF eXpress a free, online tool for authors that will allow them to either convert documents into compatible PDFs or to submit PDFs for compatibility testing. 

The following steps are for conference organizers who are not using an IEEE Publishing Service option.

1. Read IEEE Conference Proceedings Defined (PDF, 90 KB) to ensure that the PDFs prepared for submission to IEEE represent a complete conference publication.  At minimal, conference proceedings include a cover, front and back matter and authors’ technical papers.

2. Download the Adobe Sample distiller settings (ZIP, 94 KB) to ensure Xplore compatibility if accepting PDFs from various sources.  Note that some settings are required, some recommended and others suggested.

3. Refer to the Supplemental Electronic Material (multimedia) Overview (ZIP, 380 KB) if allowing authors to prepare PDFs containing supplemental electronic material (multimedia).  This overview provides detailed information about support for multimedia and explains how the files must be organized and what support files are necessary. Choose between two methods of multimedia access, both described in the overview.

Use the Supplemental Electronic Material Metadata Capture Tool (ZIP, 3 MB) to make supplemental electronic material accessible via links within a PDF.

Download the Pitstop Server and Pitstop Professional Profiles (ZIP, 3KB) to ensure Xplore compatibility.

4. Once all author PDFs are obtained, prepare a Packing List using the Packing List Generator Tool (ZIP, 820 KB).  This tool allows you to identify all PDF files by content type, which ensures that all files can be accounted for during processing.  Please remember to include all front matter with your conference proceedings submission (Cover, Table of Contents, Author Index, etc.) as well as on your Packing List.  If these files do not appear on the Packing List, they will not be uploaded to IEEE Xplore

5. Copy all files (including Packing List, covers, front matter, table of contents, back matter and author index) onto a CD-ROM as individual PDFs, not as a single, concatenated PDF. This is your IEEE Xplore-compliant CD.  Note that this Xplore-compliant CD is not the same as the conference proceedings on CD-ROM that may be distributed to attendees at the conference. 

6. Deliver the Xplore-compliant CD to the IEEE Conference Publications Program staff.  Include all materials requested in the Letter of Acquisition. 


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