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This section details some of the required documentation for setting up a conference.


How to organize an IEEE Conference: checklist and timeline

  • Consult How to Organize an IEEE Conference: Checklist and Timeline (PDF, 360 KB) for a step-by-step guide to IEEE Conference planning, including compliance, proceedings, financial closing, and more. This timeline is designed as a guide and is based on the planning process of a conference with approximately 200250 attendees. Please adjust to suit the needs of your individual conference.


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Business and legal


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  • Submit conference financial information using the IEEE Financial Web form. You will need the conference record number assigned when you complete the information schedule.
  • A Certification of Accuracy (XLS, 31 KB) must be submitted with your financial closing information and must be signed by both the conference treasurer and conference chair (or alternate).
  • The 1099 & 1042 Schedule of Payments (XLS, 54 KB) is required by 10 January of each year for payments made the previous year.
  • W-8/W-9 forms must be completed by individuals receiving payment from IEEE. The W-9 form (PDF, 98 KB) is completed by individuals who have either a US social security number or a US Employer Identification Number. The W-8 form (PDF, 97 KB) is used to declare an individual's status as a US non-resident alien or foreign national working outside of the United States.
  • The Financial Reporting Workbook, including Budgeting, Summary, Revenue, and Expense Detail forms (XLS, 1.4 MB), is an optional tool to help organize your conference financial information.
  • Completing the Conference Audit Material Checklist (DOC, 32 KB) will be useful if you are using IEEE Internal Audit.  
  • IEEE Concentration Banking offers IEEE geographic units, conferences, and Standards Developing Committees a bank account with unlimited check-writing privileges, which pays a higher rate of interest than traditional business checking accounts. It is optional but highly recommended. Related forms include:


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Conference publications


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Additional resources

  • Need more help? See Additional Resources for tips, guidelines, and non-required forms and documents. 


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New: IEEE MCE Conference Education Program

Watch IEEE Conferences Committee Past Chair William Moses's overview of the Conference Education Program:

IEEE Conferences Committee Chair William Moses overviews the conference education program in this video.

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IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) are available to assist you with any questions.

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