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A conference’s product decision depends on several factors: budget, time available for production, publication size (number of articles), the venue’s Wi-Fi accessibility, and, certainly, attendee preference. With a choice of media and publication type (see also Service Tiers), IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing offers conferences the opportunity to select what they want with confidence, knowing a professional product will be provided to their attendees.


Choice of media

eCP ProductsYou can decide if you want IEEE eXpress to handle the manufacturing of the final units and to deliver them to your conference, on time, around the globe. Manufactured media choices include: 

PRINT: hardback or softcover binding, available in several trim sizes:
US, A4, 7 x 10, 6 x 9.

CD/DVD: with a choice of label (one- or full-color) and packaging.

USB FLASH DRIVE: select one of several models with a capacity range of
up to 32 GB.


Alternatively, IEEE eXpress can provide master files via ftp for either your local manufacturer to download and produce final units, eliminating the time and expense of shipping, or for your conference webmaster to go green and host the proceedings on your website.


Choice of publication type

ProductDescriptionPrinted BookCD/DVDUSBMobile DeviceOnlineArticles
eGuide a, bNavigation provided via START.pdf menu that hyperlinks to PDF articles by author, title, session and track. Full-text searchable. Required Task for Conference Organizers  Required Task for Conference Organizers  Required Task for Conference Organizersover 100
PDF eBookA single PDF in a book layout created from concatenating all articles. Includes a Table of Contents that hyperlinks to each article. Functions on most mobile devices. Required Task for Conference Organizers Required Task for Conference OrganizersRequired Task for Conference Organizers Required Task for Conference Organizers Required Task for Conference Organizers 100 or fewer


a Available only to our Conference eXpress clients
b The eGuide zip file can be downloaded from the Internet. Additionally, an online version can be custom-made for the Internet, although PDFs are only available individually with this version.
c For laptop functionality, an epub reader such as Calibre is required.
d An additional conversion to a .mobi file is required for Kindle Fire access.


If you’re not sure which publication type would work best for your conference proceedings, please download and explore the eGuide (ZIP, 68 MB) PDF eBook (PDF, 56 MB), and ePub eBook (ZIP, 26 MB) samples.


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Contact IEEE eXpress

IEEE eXpress is here to help. Request a quote (DOC, 156 KB) or contact IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing for more information.



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