IEEE Academies
Initiated by 2020 IEEE President Toshio Fukuda and the IEEE 2020 IEEE Board Ad Hoc Committee on Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education, the IEEE Academies are designed to teach in-demand technical concepts in a new way to IEEE members working in industry. The IEEE Academies are a new learning format at IEEE that will help members understand a technical concept without needing a deep background in that technology. This will ensure they understand the fundamental concepts so they can apply them in the context of their general work and technical needs.



Key principles

  • IEEE Academies have been developed primarily for members who work in industry and need to understand new technical trends quickly so they can apply them to their work.
  • Concepts are presented in a simple and easy-to-understand manner and won’t require a deep prerequisite knowledge of the subject.
  • Learners are guided through a logical continuous learning path that better ties the concepts and materials together.
  • At the completion of an IEEE Academy, the learner will be able to demonstrate a new understanding and earn a certificate recognizing the new knowledge.


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